Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Winter Wonderland & Miracles

You were deep with your comments yesterday--I had to roll up my sleeves and cuff my pants! Then I looked outside and saw all the SNOW. Good grief! The cancellation list is the longest I've ever seen and it's only December. We have big plans to get out there and start the snow fort construction--after some breakfast and TV time, of course.

Naturally, Mr. B played with our good snow shovel last week and left it somewhere in the yard. It's buried. We'll find it sometime in April when we're long past needing it.

Can you find the birdbath? Neither can we!

The drifts keep rising and we're supposed to get another 3 inches before tonight.

Won't take long to bury these chairs now!

It's also the season of Big Ass Trees tipping over (Jen on the Edge, ahem). Last year at the tree lot we got this handy tip--screw your tree stand to a couple of 8X2 boards and you'll have such a sturdy base that NOthing NOhow will knock your Tannenbaum down. The photo above illustrates how easy it is to do this and did I mention CHEAP?

And speaking of Christmas miracles like giant trees standing upright without the aid of deep roots, I had to do the grocery run in town with Team Testosterone yesterday because of the oncoming storm. They bickered and whined and drove me batsh*t while I tried to juggle bags, glass bottles to return for deposit, coupons, purse, shopping list and ridiculously small clutch purse. We returned home and an hour later I realized the checkbook was missing. I searched pockets, the Momvan, the empty shopping bags, the countertops, the floor. Gone. Employing deep breathing techniques I tried to keep panic at bay. Surely if I left it at the store, someone would turn it in and call me--my number is on the checks.

But if I dropped that checkbook in the parking lot--and we were due for nearly a foot of snow--I envisioned the checkbook plowed into a pile at the edge of the parking lot, turning to mush in the spring thaw and finally flushing away to the Fox River through the storm sewers.

The call came in the middle of watching my Secret Gay Boyfriend punch Ted in the nose last night. Found! Waiting for me at the service desk! Oh the glorious kindness of small towns and local shops! God bless us each and every one!

Green Girl, you know that's AWESOME news, right? RIGHT?


  1. Love that show too.

    Storm grocery shopping never goes well. Congrats on having honest people around you to return your checkbook.

    Have fun in the snow for us that miss it!

  2. Too bad I didn't know about the tree stand trick before Saturday. :-)

    I love all your snow.

  3. What a relief.

    That's some pretty snow. Cali girl that I am, I like my snow just this way--in pretty pictures or on ski vacations.

  4. Yay! A snow day. Have fun!
    I remember as a kid how great it was to hear those cancellations...

  5. Woo hoo!
    Do you know how JEALOUS I am of that snow? We're lucky to get one namby pamby dusting a year.

    Good for the kind soul who found your checkbook. Once I left my entire purse in a grocery cart in France. (My three kids must have driven me over the edge.) Some kind person returned it, and all I had to do to get it back was to endure the scolding from the entire "help" desk. Yey for honest souls out there!

  6. Was a beautiful snow last night. OK. Winter can be over now. Snow is still pretty. :)

    Glad the checkbook story turned out well. My hubby is prone to strange checkbook loss. Once lost it after diving into the St. Croix River with his checkbook in his swimming trunks pocket, and another time from a hot air balloon over a grove of trees. Amazingly, the checkbook was returned both times. I think I need to blog about those. Thanks for the fodder.

  7. Great snow pics for those of us who are snow-deprived in NC~thanks!
    And yes, there are still some nice people out there. My mom's cell phone fell out of her purse into her shopping cart at Food Lion last week and someone returned it to the store. She went in the minute she got home and knew it was missing, and as she approached the desk, it rang! (It was me, of course, not knowing it had been lost in the first place). She was thrilled and I know you are, too. Restores your faith in humanity~

  8. We got it in the form of rain. ;-)

  9. Wow, look at that! I want a cancellation!

    And big ass tree tipping? Maybe you need a monstrosi-tree ;)

  10. Oh I wish for snow like that! And that just might have been the funniest HIMYM episode ever...

  11. Yeah! Thank goodness for honest people. So glad to hear your checkbook was found! Now if only the shovel would turn up...

  12. Glad you got your checkbook back OK. BRAVO,to the honest person who found it and turned it in!

  13. We got a TON of snow here too. And we took full advantage of the snow day. So fun! :)

    So glad your checkbook was found. What a relief!

  14. Ingenius with the tree stand!

    It's so funny. I got a school closure alert this morning on my email, but it was from the kids old school in Iowa. I'm so glad to have a respite from that amount of snow. But I wouldn't mind a light sprinkling on Christmas night.

  15. OMG: I'm so jealous. We NEVER get that kind of snow - not in the Willamette Valley.

    I'm thoroughly enjoying the photos and living vicariously through cyberspace.

    Thanks for sharing.

  16. You smartie pants, protecting your tree like that. Jen on the Edge, Pam and myself... all victims to the toppling tree. Next year, the GGIW remedy for sure!


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