Thursday, January 15, 2009

in which Green Girl offers bonus points

Sure, cancelling school two days in a row in the middle of winter, a week after a 2-week Christmas vacation is a great idea, Mrs. Superintendent--especially when the weekend's right around the corner. Four days of quality time with my kids will be enlightening! Fulfilling! No, no, that eye twitch is a new development. But I feel FINE!

State law compels schools to shut their doors when the temps hit -35 here with wind chill. Consequently, instead of writing today, I'll entertain Team Testosterone. Thank goodness I had the foresight to stop by the public library last night for supplies. We may be home bound, but I'll stave off Cabin Fever with videos, art projects, banana bread baking, and some karate practice on the WaveMaster. We'll play at homeschooling with some enriching math review and reading time. I'll even toss in game playing--Connect Four anyone? I'm trying to look at this as a blessing--we're all fighting a cold virus, so the time at home should help us heal faster, right? Even so, I'll take a Snow Day over a Cold Day anytime--at least we can get outside when it's above zero--or I can kick them outside to play for a selfish half hour of peace and quiet . But not in this godforsaken weather. It's not fit for man nor beast--and trust me, after being shut up for a couple of days, my kids will be more beastly than manly.

The weatherman is predicting more of the same tomorrow ...I'll either have to climb the walls ("I'm really getting quite fond of the big room, all but that horrid paper....The wall-paper, as I said before, is torn off in spots, and it sticketh closer than a brother--they must have had persevereance as well as hatred." *) or find my zen in the land of Discontented Children and Broken Dishwasher.

Ahhh, much better. I left my zen someplace over here.

* Can you name that piece? Bonus points if you know the author! C'mon English Majors--put that degree to good use!


  1. History major here, so I don't recognize the quotation.

    Do you have a basement the boys could run around in?

  2. Mrs. Superintendent called off school for tomorrow too already???? I didn't hear that....I wonder what that means for me.

  3. Don't you have Monday off, too, for MLK holiday?

    My boys are leaving today at noon (which means I last saw them when they left for school at 7 am) for the state duals wrestling tournament and will not return until late Saturday night. Then we have Monday off for MLK. Good thing they don't care a thing about school, or they might start missing it. ha.ha.

  4. Wow, I can't imagine that kind of cold. We used to get days off for heat, but then most of the schools finally installed air conditioning.
    Sounds like a cozy day inside. Maybe you could lasso the beasts if they start going crazy. Or hide in the bathroom? (Not that I would ever do that.)

  5. Wishing you luck -- especially since your kiddos are too old for naps!! Exercise videos, perhaps? Practice their karate? After that, they can help you bake cookies.
    I have bread in the breadmaker.

  6. Bejesus! I thought our minus three was bad!

  7. Same here. Home with the munchkins, too cold to go to school.

    We thought about going to the YMCA, but that would require us to leave the house and that ain't happening. It has warmed up to a balmy -11 without the windchill.

  8. Please don't hate me when I tell you that I was concerned about taking L out in our 38 degree temps. We're Southerners, you know?!?

    I can't even imagine temps that cold. Please don't freeze or go crazy, I like you too much.

  9. I'll have a stab...
    Room with a View?

    Hope you're surviving. We're in the same boat. My crew just finished watching Bambi and making their own lunches. We'll see what's in store for this afternoon! ( Liking your homeschool idea though!)


  10. Oh, Holy Night. I cannot even begin to imagine that kind of cold.

  11. I've got it.
    The Yellow Wallpaper by Charlotte Perkins Gilman (1899)

    The internet is a wonderful thing.

    And also,
    I am a geek.

  12. *Brrrrrrrrrrr* I dont go outside below -10.

  13. Wow! And they are calling off school here because the busses are not used to ZERO degree weather. WHEW!

    I have a gift for ya, stop by and pick it up!

  14. Brrrrrrrrrrrr! It's supposed to be 28 here tonight and 21 tomorrow night; goodness gracious, how will we ever survive, here on the Mississippi Gulf Coast???

    I go around during the day, not wearing a jacket, only wearing jeans and a long-sleeved t-shirt, and ball cap, with the sleeves of the shirt rolled up, and the locals yell at me, "you're not funny, you're used to this stuff, coming from Wisconsin," while they are hurrying from building on campus, wearing heavy winter coats, with their arms wrapped around themselves to keep warm!

    If it ever got to zero, I think that would call the state off that day!!!

  15. Just think, it will be 30 next week.

  16. Total guess: Serenity.

    OMG: How do you live in temperatures like that?

    We had snow, for the first time in my life - at least that I can remember - the schools were closed for a week. And it wasn't below 20 - I think. We thought that was Craaaazy cold ;)

  17. Gilman's the Yellow Wallpaper was a favorite of mine. I didn't learn until much later that she wrote it after a bout with postpartum depression. Now I like it even better.

  18. Our schools are closed here too. But for -3.

    Yes, you may now start to mock the Southerners...

  19. Oh, this is too weird. Just last night I was talking about The Yellow Wallpaper with a friend over dinner. I read it for TWO classes last semester. Loved it.

  20. i don't understand. what is this -35 you speak of?

  21. midwest mom beat me. I knew it, too!

    The only good thing about such cold temperatures is that when it goes back up to the 20's, it feels warm. I walked out the door into 25 degrees this morning, and I thought it was spring.


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