Wednesday, January 21, 2009

maybe a second glass of wine would make it perfect

So many reasons to feel content today--a bit like pushing my chair away after a meal of pork medallions with wild mushroom risotto, steamed asparagus, a glass of Pinot Noir and creme brulee for dessert. With a cup of fresh pressed coffee. And a dollop of cream. In a nice restaurant with white tablecloths and no children. Our waiter is kindly, taking care of our every need and adding the right amount of charm to our evening without being overbearing or intrusive. My hair looks great and Mr. D is laughing at my witty banter throughout our meal.

But I digress.

New administration running the show in the Capitol now? Check.
Mr. D's car extracted from the snowbank where I stuck it? Check.
Lunch date with old college roommate? Check.
Good and reassuring heart-to-heart with Mr. T about his medicine, Boy Scouts, school work, epilepsy, how I love him no matter what and he's going to be just fine? Check.
Cookies made for the neighbor who plows our driveway? Check.
Contest for free Party with a Purpose Pack posted on Eco Women: Protectors of the Planet? Check.
Upstairs cleaned? Check.
Fresh coffee and fresh fodder online to enjoy? Check.

What makes you feeling satisfied today?


  1. I am experiencing all sorts of new feelings today. Pride, patriotism and hope.
    I stayed up to watch all 10 balls and the rebroadcast of the inauguration. I'm die hard.
    Your Pal,

  2. I just want to come over for that dinner. How did you know those were all my favorites?

    Despite being in the opposite camp (did you know that about me?...yeah, I listen to NPR, watch West Wing religiously, am pro-choice, and adore Garrison Keillor and I am a Republican...sorta),DOTR and I both said that it's very exciting to see someone our age in charge of things because I think that there really is a generational difference in how we approach things.

    Now if we can just get people to stop thinking that he's the Obama Fairy and he can magically change everything, we'll get somewhere.

  3. I feel like today is the first day of my rest of my life.

  4. I'm satisfied by a number of things:

    Change in Washington, DC.

    Continued progress on my sorting and packing, as well as nearing completion on the house.

    Pete's over the stomach bug that felled him hard.

    The sun is shining.

  5. MAYBE a second glass of wine would make it perfect?



    I'm disappointed in you.

  6. -sigh-

    What makes me feel satisfied? That I finally have my blog redesign completed. (thank goodness!)

    Which reminds me, there is a Green Girl button on my blog for you now. If you want, I can give you the script for it for your own site. :)

    Just a little gift from me to you. ;) - MM

  7. You stuck his car in the snowbank and you still got dinner out? That's a great guy!

    I gave you an award today! ;-)

  8. My magic eraser gave me some satisfaction today.

  9. The flannel pajamas I just slipped on. Nothing say comfort quite like flannel.

  10. What a great day! I love how you love coffee. You make me want some! It sounds so good. I feel the same way. I keep feeling like I have to pinch myself to believe it's true. Can this be possible? Is this a dream? We are living a dream and it makes me feel like dancing and jumping up and down and I can't stop smiling. We have a NEW president that we can all actually look up to. A role model. A ethical leader. An ENVIRONMENTALIST. Life is good.

  11. A collective 32 years worth of photos of my children posted on Facebook for long, lost friends to peruse. (It kept me well occupied while middle child was laid up on the sofa.)

  12. *Having 36 Semester long projects graded and in the grade book. One rock off my shoulders.

    *The new administration, which I sang about in my blog.

    *a good book on the French Revolution on the way to my mailbox.

    *my sister actually asking me to hang out on Friday night.

    *A fresh case of Diet Mountain Dew. ahhhhhh.

  13. Hubs coming home from Atlanta. I'll sleep so much better 2nite.

  14. What a great check list.
    My mouth is watering. I can't think of a better meal!

    I'm feeling wonderfully satisfied and hopeful, mostly because of the big day yesterday, but also because a homeless mom I know through a volunteering thing just got a job today and is on top of the world! Hooray! Life is good!

  15. Aside from all of the real-world reasons to be satisfied (for a little while, at least) I would have to say the season premier of Lost last night. Finally!

  16. i love that your hair looked great, the setting perfect and the big man was fully amused & entertained by you...
    sometimes we just have to let the rest go and indulge in that third, fourth glass... hell, some nights go for the whole bottle!


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