Friday, January 2, 2009

me me (2)

Daisy from Compost Happens tagged me with the 4 by 4 meme. Since I'm square and still reeling from what Little Miss Sunshine State calls "Toxic Mom Syndrome" (thanks--I love that phrase!), I'm relieved to have a ready made post! (Sure hope to one day meet some of these local bloggers--perhaps that should be my resolution.)

Four Places I go over and over again (not counting my workplace):
Karate class
Larry's Piggly Wiggly (grocery store)
Happyland Elementary School
*OH I am so lame...

Four People who mail me regularly:
Jen (on the Edge)
Marni (Auntiemwrites)
Nina (A Writer's Blog)

Four of my favorite Places to eat, (apart from home)
Flanagan's Wine Review (rarely, but I do love it so)
China Moon
Stuc's (the best. pizza. ever.)

Four Places I'd rather be now:
home ALONE (much to do, too many short people underfoot)
in a little cottage on the coast in Galway, Ireland drinking tea & reading
writing workshop with the Screw Iowa gals
at the Cheese Factory with Kari, Kara, Nicole, Mary, Maggie, Cindy, Stacy

Four favorite TV shows:
How I Met Your Mother
Pushing Daisies
My Name is Earl
30 Rock

Four movies I could watch over and over again:
Love, Actually
Bridget Jones's Diary
Little Women

Four people I'm tagging:

Teri at Let Me Think On It

Heidi at Reason For Everything

Mary Alice at From the Frontlines

Rebecca Ramsey at Wonders Never Cease

Happy Weekending!


  1. Flanagan's! Maybe we'll meet there some day. I still envisions the store, not the wine review, because I remember making "Flanagan's Runs" in college.

  2. I love that movie Little Miss Sunshine too but haven't seen it in so long I have forgotten "Toxic Mom state"--feel I could possibly be in it too--please refresh my memory! And Love, Actually is among my TOP picks too!

  3. When you head to Galway, give me a call and I will happily meet you there!

  4. Hey, you stole my favorite movies! LOL

  5. four places i would like to be right now -- asleep, asleep, asleep, asleep...

  6. I, too, love Galway! Here's another gimme post topic - tell us about your time there! Please? I could really use the mental vacation.

  7. Being at home alone is a frequent dream of mothers everywhere, I think.

  8. It's always fun to learn more about blogging buddies.

  9. we tried to watch 30 rock last night and I just don't get it... Perhaps Studio 60 ruined it for me because I loved that show. And I love Tina Fey, too. But after two episodes, I just couldn't get into it. Do I need to give it more time? Seems like all the cool kids are watching it so I am curious what the fuss is all about...

  10. The only time I have been local is when you went to Disney! Maybe on your next trip. I definately recommend Universal when your boys are a little older.

    I'm sure glad I don't have a Toxic Mom...but I have a Toxic Godmother and a Toxic MIL.

  11. Got a big ol' "Whoo-Hoo" for that home ALONE thing!

  12. Happy weekend! There's a little something for you over at my blog ...

  13. I agree with you on two of those TV choices. Man, Pushing Up Daisies looks so good a my little flat screen TV.
    I see a pattern in your movie choices. It's hard not to like Love, Actually and it was one of the oddest movie going experiences with an audience of 98 percent (low estimate) women. All laughing and sighing and booing (the scene where Hugh Grant slams the US) in the same places.

  14. I love "four" lists, they are fun and enlightening! Love yours.

    I got your card! It was lovely, thank you! Happy New Year.

  15. You must post at totally opposite times that I read, because I'm always number 17 or so!

    Love the 4x4. I love all your tv shows, too. Except I hardly ever see Earl. I'll miss Pushing Daisies.

  16. You claim to be square, but your life sounds so well-rounded!

    I've always wanted to shop at a Piggly Wiggly. Best name ever for a grocery store.

  17. Want one funnier on Piggly Wiggly? All of their corporate staff have email addresses that end in Even their CEO. ;-)


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