Wednesday, January 28, 2009

paying it forward

I'm still blushing because Cha Cha and Hotfessional both gave me this award recently. Thanks, guys. I'm flattered.
Per the award rules, I'm awarding the Superior Scribbler to the following bloggers who tell a good story "Just So":

Saucy at bloggedyblogblog who makes the world of makeovers, photography and crafting accessible to a bobbleheaded nitwit like me. If you haven't read her, you must. She keeps mad money in her bra, decorates with lavish abandon for holidays of all sorts and makes Beautiful Objects of Art out of bits and baubles. And if that wasn't enough, she bakes cupcakes and writes movie reviews. Saucy: Renaissance Woman Extrordinaire.

Jo at Ecology of a Woman
is a beautiful writer with spirit of a philosopher. She took a long hiatus, but recently returned to blogging and she's better than ever before. Her writing about nature, gardening, Babou, the Santa Ana winds, and the crazy stuff of being true to oneself is alternately poetic and inspiring. Jo has gifts. Enjoy!

Eurolush at I Heart Germany. My crush on Eurolush is a badly kept secret. She lives in the world's most beautiful spot (don't believe me? go now! go see!) where she eats pastries, sews lovely aprons, takes long walks with Tex the Ideal Pet, and collects quirky numbered signs at flea markets. Before you get the impression that she's some doddering old goody-goody Miss PrissyPants, I should warn you that this chick talks some mean smack. She is down and true dat and all homegirl you know what I'm sayin' or I kick your a**. Click now and sit in awe of her awesomeness.

Heidi at Reason For Everything. Funny? Check. Spit on your computer screen funny? Oh yeah. This woman has voice. That voice that makes me say, "Oh man, I know her--or I wish I did in real life because she is so cool and real and she gets it. My Real Life BFF loves Heidi too--in fact, a number of my Real Life friends lurk around Heidi's blog because she's just like us--only better if you know what I mean. Her blog posts are like essays--all twisty and twiny around greater themes and issues--men and toilet paper dispensers! Tarantulas on dashboards and motherhood! She is a brave and thoughtful and honest writer--satisfaction guaranteed.

Happy reading!

And thank YOU dear bloggy friends for all the information on that DVD mystery! As always, I am educated and entertained in the Blogosphere.


  1. I learned to from reading all the comments.

    Congrats on well-deserved bling.

  2. Congrats. :) And thanks for some new blogs to look at -- fun!

    On a side note, 7 inches of snow this morning for us. We went out for our usual shenannigans and decided to play Fox and Goose! It was so much fun!! (Thanks for telling me about it over at Midwest Moms.)

    - Julia

  3. All deserving writers...and to think I know two of them in real life!

  4. Congrats to you! Now I'm off to check out some new blogs.

  5. Thank you for my award, Green Girl!

    You've made me very happy.

    I've been dancing, like a graceful ballerina, throughout the house on my tippy-toes...much like the hippo from Fantasia.

    You are sho shweet.

  6. Congrats! The award is well deserved. You tell a great story!

  7. Congrats to you and thanks for giving me some new blogs to check out. Going to click over now.

  8. Can you see me blushing from here?
    Thanks, GG.

  9. Your words are too kind. Although you are certainly no Bobblehead Nitwit... my new favourite phrase, by the way; thanks for that.

  10. I'm always eager to find new blogs. Thanks for the links!

  11. Congrats!! And, now, I have a few new places to pop by.



  12. Thanks for the new blogs to check out! And congrats on your award :)


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