Friday, January 9, 2009

perhaps I need an intervention

Lodged in my head lately:
Kung Fu Fighting. (Too much Kung Fu Panda?)
The Alphabet Song sung Super Why-style.
Mr. G's snack song from day care (sung to the tune of If You're Happy & You Know It)--sung with his speech impediments ("put your hands in your yap, in your yap").
Lines from Shakespeare's Sonnet 18.

The news. It's quite depressing lately and redundant. Did I mention how redundant the news has been? I feel like Bill Murray in Groundhog Day when I switch on Morning Edition.
The Story of Edgar Sawtelle.
TV (the cancellation of Pushing Daisies pushed me over the edge).
Cleaning upstairs--too many toys to put away and I'm in no mood.
Calling about the dishwasher. I suspect the repair bill will rival the cost of a new dishwasher.

Ought to:
Go to the bank and the post office.
Make Mr. G & Mr. B take a bath.
Run a load of wash.
Answer 20-odd emails.
Find a new book to read.

Pull the meat for tonight's supper out of the freezer.
Update my blog roll.
Write something more interesting than this hooey.
Go for a hike and take some photographs--that would be good blog fodder. Perhaps I'll get Mr. G on the sled later and drag him around a bit--get a little exercise AND get some photos.

Pleased with:
My new haircut.
Jars of fruit I put up this summer--we'll have peach crisp for dessert tonight.

Our babysitter who had to cancel but booked another babysitter to take her place while we bowl tonight. (How many kids can say the Homecoming King is their babysitter? Mine can!)
Mr. B's buddy's dad who plowed our driveway yesterday--a kind thing to do.
The solidarity of bloggy friends who believe in setting aside terrible books.
Anticipating a visit from Lauren in April.
Team Testosterone playing outside in the snow every day after school this week.
Finally having my house back to order.


  1. I've given up on the news too. It is either talking about the crappy economy, some vicious murder or horendous fire, or the terrible storms that are headed our way. No thank you!

    Those jars of fruit look SO lovely. Makes me long for summer. :)

  2. I soldiered on through a book recently that, in hindsight, I probably should have just set aside.

  3. I have the tunes from my blog constantly going through my head. I have to change them every few days, I suffer from Elvis type urges to shoot the computer screen.
    Your Pal,

  4. Damn I hate those ought tos--as in I ought to get up this very minute and go work out instead of commenting on Green Girl in Wisconsin!

  5. Gotcha. Can I help with the book? Have you read Peace Like a River? I think the author's last name is Enger. I read it a couple of years ago and loved it. It was the opposite of boring.

    Good luck with that dishwasher. Here's a hint: don't avoid paper plates. :)


  6. Babysitter. What's that? Do tell....

    I'm giving up on a book that I'm 1.5 CDs through (I do books on tape). I loaded all 17 CDs into my iTunes and now I'm not even going to finish. Argh for my waste of time!

  7. I can relate to your list of "ought to's" A big one on my list is work out more often at that expensive gym I just joined!

  8. You make me so jealous with your fruit preserves! I always wish to do that but have never been lucky enough to rent a place with fruit trees--until now--our house now has a fig tree and a plum tree in the backyard! I love it but eat so much when they come on that there are never any leftovers to preserve--and what I don't get lands in the grass and my crazy dog eats it! He has some troubles from this that cause me much grief when I have to clean up after him--Yuck!

    I actually planted a Meyers lemon last year but have yet to get fruit and amazingly enough an avocado tree has sprung from my compost (I did it into my garden dirt since I don't have a formal compost bin). Miracles abound!

  9. your jam looks yummy. i should be doing a lot of stuff too. but i dont want to.

  10. Amen on the repetitive news. Ugh.
    But yey for peach crisp and a good haircut!
    PS. Can you send us some of your snow?

  11. The news depresses me, and often. I can't stop reading it/ watching it, though. I feel compelled to know what's going on in the nation and the world, even though I don't like it.
    Then the weather comes on, and that cheers me up...sometimes.

  12. Ohhhhh, your fruit looks yummy.

    I enjoy reading blogs such as yours today to make me feel not so quite alone with my lists of shoulda's, woulda's, coulda's.

  13. i like your list. peach crisp sounds wonderful....

  14. I think you've just got the post-holiday blahs. Everyone seems to have lengthly to-do lists right now. Put thy feet up and read one of those books you are avoiding.

  15. Um...those jars make me want to go grab a snack. They are so pretty and picture perfect.

  16. Craig Ferguson was riffing jokes off of the subject of "King Fu Panda" one night. He observed that pandas are such tough animals. Why? They fight all the time. Look, they have two black eyes.

  17. I ignore the news too. I don't think anyone out there making gloomy predictions really knows what he's talking about anyway.

  18. Please tell me you aren't getting slammed with more snow today.

    My son, the KungFu teacher, says I must see KungFu Panda.

  19. Ok, now you've passed the Kung Fu Fighting song to my brain.

    Just for that, sing along with me..."Libbys libbys libbys on the label label label"... ;-)

  20. Best play out in the snow while you can I just heard 15 below before wind chill down here.

  21. Pleased with school here, too! Say, can we see the hair cut? :-)

  22. Bought Edgar Sawtelle for my MIL at Christmas. Is it really good? I hate buying anything just because Oprah says so.

  23. I am re-reading "The God Of Small Things", even though there are unread books on my bedside table. So there!

  24. When you find a new book, let me know. I need something juicy and good.

  25. Now that your house is in order, you can come work on mine. You'll need rubber gloves, steel wool, a shovel, a backhoe, a blowtorch and a large variety of dangerous chemicals.

    You're welcome to hum while you work.

    See you soon?

  26. Quit watching the news. There is nothing we can do about it anyway. And a little advice...don't open up your IRA statement. Oy Vey. Keep canning, reading, hiking, and loving.


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