Tuesday, January 20, 2009

put your hands in the air and drop the "elect"

Because today? He's just "President."
It's a new day in America.

Adding to my overall giddiness is the fact that I fixed my dishwasher. By myself! It works, it cost nothing, and I don't have to do dishes the old-fashioned way anymore.

And there's more! Last night my karate instructor told me I get to skip the equivalent of 6 months because I "demonstrate mastery of the curriculum" and am "ready to move on to the next level." What does this mean? It means I'll train and test for my black belt in the fall. Which means I'll have to get my load-ass into shape pretty quick here because part of the test is a 3-mile run (among other tortures devised to augment my pain and suffering) and running is akin to shopping for me--horrible and wretched. But I'll learn to run the dang 3 miles so I can get a black belt. Yes, I can!

On your right you'll notice that I've updated the list of blogs I read/follow regularly--if you're not on there, please let me know.

Happy Inauguration Day!


  1. Those are some great reasons to be giddy!

  2. A great new day!!!

    3 mile run...I don't think I could right now either.

  3. Maybe some of the motivation can derive from purchasing a great ensemble to do that 3 mile run. Don't they say "looking good, helps feeling good"????
    ps. The dishwasher thing is impressive!

  4. Happy Inauguration Day to you too! Here's to 4 years of progress, change, and betterment.

  5. Here's to living in a country where we have the privilege of enjoying a peaceful change of power.

  6. A wonderful, terrific, fabulous day indeed!

  7. You rock! You fixed your dishwasher?!?? That makes you a black belt Mom for sure.

    As for the 3 mile run, how many karate guys can cross country ski, I ask you? Not many, I bet.

    And I agree -- it's a good day for the country. A real good day.

    -Julia at Midwest Moms

  8. Martin Luther King had a dream...and it came true today!

    Sweet Wishes,

  9. How about you! Awesome!
    And how about our country! Woo hoo!

  10. Happy I.D. to you, too! And wow - good for you on passing up that six months. I hope you get to do your run in the warmth! ;-)

  11. You are woman, we hear you roar!

  12. Yes you can!! If we can endure 8 years of W Bush, you can endure that run!
    (And thanks for the linky love!)

  13. So many reasons to celebrate today. I was SOOO moved by the speech today. It was uplifting, inspirational and amazing. And, if you don't agree with me, I'm glad you so far away 'cause you could kick my *** a blackbelt!!! OMG you are one tough Mama.

    And fixing your dishwasher all by yourself - I wish I were so handy 8)

  14. I would be really excited if you could come here and fix my dishwasher. I'm getting dishpan hands.

  15. Black belt!? Yes you will--I have NO doubt.

  16. Congratulations on your fine accomplishments. You could probably pick up a few bucks with the dishwasher skills.
    Feel free to bequeath your crazy cool coat to my 14 year old daughter, she only shops resale now.
    Your Pal,
    P.S. thanks for adding me to your peeps list.

  17. Tuesday night at our party I said "you know, I really wish Green Girl were here!"

    Congrats on the belt and the dishwasher too - you did have a big day!

  18. Wow! That is a LOT to be giddy about!!!!!!


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