Monday, January 5, 2009

this 'n that

I did some "redecorating" at Chez Green Girl this weekend--I took out the boys' old Little Tykes art easel and replaced it with this old shelving unit from our basement. They do their projects at the kitchen table and really only needed a spot for their supplies. Much cleaner, much more organized, takes up less space and cost me nothing. My pre-holiday purge was so successful that I even have an extra empty shelf and an empty Rubbermaid tub.

I also deep-sixed a bulky wreath that used to hang by our front door. I like the look of this tin thing and will fill it with things I pick in the prairie and fields later. The little paintings are from Mr. D's grandma--they hung in her house and no one wanted them when they moved her to a nursing home. I took them--very cute little drawings of scenes in Paris. When I removed the glass that covered them, they were bright and cheery. Years of cigarette and candle smoke hid their true colors, I'm sure if anyone else had looked closer, they'd have snapped them up. A little white paint covered the faux gold frames and now my front hall looks fresh and interesting. I keep walking over to admire the effect.

Our entire town is glazed with ice and it took 3 tries to get up my driveway. It's also frickin' cold outside, so I've no desire to head up the hill and deal with it. Taking Mr. T to school was typically awful--I'm convinced that over half of the Happyland Elementary Minivan Moms have had lobotomies. Or they're drunk. They drive and drop off their kids like idiots. I don't relish leaving the house again to retrieve kids later. I slid across the parking lot dropping off Mr. G and I'm a little worried because there's no end to this sub-zero weather in sight so when will this melt? Yikes!

Mr. D and I finally watched The Dark Knight (Yes, I know I'm like the second to last person in America to watch it now). I think Bob Kane would've been very pleased. It's nice to see the Batman's storylines back to their original gloom and darkness--I was disappointed that Two-Face lived such a short time, though. Does anyone know why Rachel Dawes was recast? We also watched Dan in Real Life which was the most pleasant use of 2 hours. National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation seen in small doses is even funnier when you know what's going to happen. Our bed shook with my giggling. So damn hilarious.

The death of John Travolta's son makes me very sad. Typically, a lot of people are judging their son's illness and treatment, but I hope this raises awareness of how dangerous seizure disorders are--and that they're not "cured" with medication. We're nearly done weaning Mr. T off his meds to see if he's outgrown his seizures. Some seziure meds are effective, some come with terrible side effects (as I've previously described with Mr. T--depression, liver damage, mood swings), some meds counteract other types of medicine (for example, a kid taking seizure control meds cannot use ADHD meds) and sometimes you take a kid off meds hoping to find they're all better--but what if they're not?

Pam over at Nature, Nurture and Nudgings
is having a contest--she's giving away 10 of her handmade cards. Go check it out!

Mr. T and I just finished reading Swindle by Gordon Korman--if you have a reader aged 9-13, I highly recommend it. Funny, fast-paced, and imaginative. And a wonderful break from the fantasty fiction dominating the market.

Happy Monday!


  1. I haven't seen The Dark Knight yet - I must be the last one!

    We are so wimpy down here - when we (occasionally) have ice like you describe? Schools are closed. Totally.

  2. I love your redecorating -- very clever to repaint the picture frames.

    I haven't see "The Dark Knight" yet either and don't plan to.

    I'm glad T is doing well without the meds. My sister has been on seizure meds for 15+ years and, because of them, is now infertile.

  3. There are five people in our household who have yet to see Dark Knght. No plans to do so.
    Love your entry. Big ol' WHOO-HOO for organizational decor.

  4. The redo looks nice! I LOVE the hanging buckets - they look Ikea-ish. Where did you find them?

    Two more in this household that haven't seen The Dark Knight.

    I'm lucky, I get to stay put and don't have to deal with this ice and frigid temperatures for a few more days. Drive careful and don't trust what the others are doing.

  5. I haven't seen Dark Knight yet--apparently a theme among your readership.

    You're so right about taking kid off medication--and since they're so young the time spent experimenting with it is a huge percentage of their life--half of a school year is huge when you're talking about a kid.

  6. Love the "new" entryway. I've seen those metal and tin hanging things at IKEA and love 'em. Thanks for the contest plug. Drive safe, or should I say 'skate' safe?

  7. I cannot imagine trying to drive in that kind of weather--we get heavy rain here and we think we should stay home! I know, such wimps!

    Love your redecorating! I need to do the same. The drawings look beautiful. It's the best when you can make your home look the way you want it with things you already have or someone you love has made--I think that gives a home so much soul.

  8. So glad Mr. T is well so far. Your entry is lovely. Wondering what is going into that empty Rubbermaid tub next?

  9. Precious Youngest got "The Dark Knight" for Christmas, but I STILL haven't seen it.

  10. Happy Monday to you too!

    Great re-decorating. I really need to do that.

    And yes, seizure disorders can be scary. :(

  11. Aw shoot. That was me "alter-ego" in the above comment.

  12. Hi
    Fab mental picture you are painting of the other mothers!

    Hope Mr T's progress is smooth.

  13. I love the how little changes can make a room seem so much different and new.

    I have to agree with you about The Dark Knight. One of my favorite movies ever.

  14. So much here! I love Gordan Korman. Did you finish Swindle yet? It'll surprise you!
    And the ice? whoa. A plumber from maintenance (with heavy, rugged boots) was walking all the teachers across the ice when I arrived this morning. The parking lot was glare ice.

  15. I have that same tin thing hanging by my back door in the kitchen. I got it at IKEA! And I love it. Your area looks great!

    And the Dark Knight was a little dark for me. I love scary but it seems like 10 people died in the very beginning and the pencil - yikes!

  16. Sometimes a new coat of paint is all it takes to revive a room. Or an entryway. A great way to bring in the new year.

  17. Spring cleaning must be in the winter air. We did the same at our house, although with far less appeal than you pulled off at yours. But at least my 10 year old's closet doesn't look like that of a pack rat's anymore. That's progress, right?

  18. I love your re-dos and am very envious of that empty shelf!

    Glad to hear Mr. T is still doing well.

  19. I ♥ the look of your new entryway(?) with the little metal buckets. Those would be perfect in my boys' room, too - for all the crap that just ends up on the floor!

    I haven't seen Dark Knight either. Nick wanted to ice skate on the driveway last night - till he fell. Then it wasn't nearly so fun to slide around anymore. GRRRRR...


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