Wednesday, February 18, 2009


By snow, not by bands of rogue birds.

Everything is muffled and still.

Every branch, twig, needle and blade stands out.

Even lowly coneflowers wear tall white hats--they look quite regal.

Barely tolerable, I dare say. But not handsome enough to tempt me.**
No, Mr. Darcy. But you are.

So what do you recommend to encourage affection?**
It is happy for you that you possess the talent of flattering with delicacy. May I ask whether these pleasing attentions proceed from the impulse of the moment, or are the result of previous study?**

**Taken utterly out of context from Jane Austin's Pride and Prejudice.


  1. Photos are gorgeous, but they make me think about having a big dose of cabin fever. It's 57 degrees here today. Mmmmm....Mr. Darcy!

  2. Love the pics - thanks for sharing. We don't usually see flocked things - except at Christmas - and those are usually in our front rooms - Christmas trees.

  3. We haven't had a decent snow all winter. In fact, right now we're getting sleet and freezing rain. Bummer.

  4. Ha!

    Thanks for my daily Mr. Darcy fix. As your page loaded, I wondered whether I would just have to read yesterday's comments, or if you would have new Darcies to enjoy.

    You never disappoint! (And I'm off to read yesterday's comments anyway.)

    Oh, what a pitiful girl I am.

    ;) - Julia

  5. LOL! I just saw the caption on Colin Firth's photo -- IBM: Ideal Breeding Material!


  6. You are too funny.
    I love Mr. Darcy sneaking in there.
    I also love those snow hatted coneflowers!
    We're still hoping to see snow here. Just one! My kids have had their fingers crossed so long that they're about to give up hope!

  7. Thanks for sharing the beautiful pictures of snow. We are getting a light dusting today which will soon melt in its usual fashion to grimy mush. Although it's better than the freezing rain we also get here, which looks beautiful coating the tree branches but is so treacherous.

  8. It is a beautiful morning! I was just about ready to pooper scooper the back yard and then it snowed. Yay!

    My favorite P&P quote:
    Elizabeth: "Do you dance, Mr. Darcy?"
    Darcy: "Not if I can help it!"

  9. The trees are lovely, and I adore your comment about the rogue birds. You make me snort.

    Also ... is it bad that pretty much any photo of Colin Firth makes me want to lick him? Not in a pervy way, just, like, lick his face?

    Oh? That's weird? Oh. Right. I just meant, like, in a hypothetical way, would that be bad. Obviously, the answer is yes. Ahem.

  10. Sob. No snow here. We haven't had more than 3 inches a season for the past 3 years. I may have to move.

  11. Ooh, beautiful snow pictures! And the Mr. Darcys aren't too bad, either.

  12. I'm casting my ballot for you to start a second all Mr. Darcy blog.

  13. The Dueling Darcys aside--- my fave photo has to be the little red trike, who sits as flocked as his tree friend with berries on branches.

  14. That was my first thought, even before shoveling: how gorgeous the snow looks today! That and "Oh, my, that Mr. Darcy" of course.

  15. Pretty, but I'm glad it's not me.

  16. Still snowing??? I think I would like snow for about one week. Says the person who complained about the heat all day. There's no pleasing some folk!

    I can't take it any more, I am going to have to figure out who I gave all my Jane Austen books to in my last Great Book Giveaway. And borrow P&P back.

  17. Funny!

    And what a beautiful day for you. I miss the days of when all of nature would wear a bright coat of snow. I know you may ready for spring, but for those of us caught in brown, please take a moment and enjoy!

  18. I heard you guys were getting more snow today. Neat images of the out-of-doors!


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