Monday, February 16, 2009

obviously it's mr. darcy. let's examine the bigger question.

I went to swipe down the half-bath that Team Testosterone primarily uses--and to my amazement, it wasn't splattered and encrusted with pee--I haven't set foot in this bathroom in over four days (their poor aim has me primarily using a different bathroom OFF-LIMITS to them). This discovery was almost as awesome when Mr. G was potty trained a couple years ago. Indeed, I may raise three gentlemen yet.

Speaking of gentlemen, I spent part of the Weekend O' Romance watching two of my favorite movies: Chocolat and Pride & Prejudice. Le sigh. (Lest you get any ideas, I must tell you Mr. D was out of town all weekend so my swooning took place while sleeping single in a double bed.) While Roux isn't a complete gentlemen, his rougish charm wins me over every time. But it's Mr. Darcy who is the best literary hero of all time. Am I right? (I must grant Mr. Knightly a spot on the Literary Hero Top Ten List, Jane Austin knew exactly what women want.)

Exhibit A: He comes to the Bennett family's rescue and shells out scads of pounds to force Mr. Wickham to marry Lydia.
Exhibit B: He rescues the Bennett family's good name in secret.
Exhibit C: He pays off a man he loathes (with good reason--Wickham is a cad).
Exhibit D: He recognizes the error of his advice to Mr. Bingley and retracts it, allowing a happy ever after ending for Jane.
Exhibit E: He tolerates Mrs. Bennett who is an insufferable fool--most men would flee the country before embracing such a mother-in-law.
Exhibit F: His marriage proposal--the second one, duh.

Really, there is no contest. The real question lies here, which Mr. Darcy do you prefer to watch?
soulful, still very restrained


passionate, and still very proper

Readers, when you recover your senses, cast your ballot.


  1. #1 for me all the way. That guy makes my fingers tingle. (yeah, I love to watch some MI-5 just to get a glimpse of those intense eyes!)

    I have never felt the love for #2. Must be because I can only picture him and Hugh doing their pansy girl fight in Bridget Jones. I watched an interview where they described the fight and I still crack up everytime I see it. So it totally ruined it as Mr. Darcy for me.

    Besides, I love the look of the newest movie. The miniseries is just too "clean".

  2. Oh, My word! It must be #2 Colin Firth. There is something deliciously awkward about that man. I don't know why, but it makes me want to take him in hand and teach him a thing or two...

    There's something irresistible about strength and bumbling innocence intermingled in the same person. Austen had a great way of letting the real person peek through the pretense and manners, and when Mr. Darcy comes up from the pond at the Estate, I always think "there he is!"

    (But I must agree with Mom on the Run, Bridget Jones is not my favorite Colin Firth. I avoid it.)

    - Julia

  3. oh good lord. OH GOOD LORD.
    there is only one mister darcy and that is the second one. he who jumped for no good reason into the pond, so we could all admire his wet shirt. he who stared with so much emotion (and so many emotions) while lizzy played the piano.
    oh my .... oh my....

  4. Wherenfknsvwlfjnb;efjh....oooooh, swoooon, you've made my knees go all wobbly!

    I think they are both *gorgeous* specimens - but Colin gets the first prize!

    You forgot to add Rupert Penry - Jones to the list - yum...mee!

    He did Austin about a year ago and was scrumptous in Persuasion....could persuade me any day!


  5. No contest. While the first candidate is smoldering hot, Colin Firth was, is and forever will be Mr. Darcy. But then again I love him in anything - Bridget Jones, Love Actually, whatever. It doesn't matter.

    But oh my - Johnny Depp in Chocolat... Yummy. Glad to hear someone had a nice Valentine's weekend!

  6. Sorry, you got me stuck thinking of Johnny Depp in Chocolat...

  7. I'm definitely going with Colin Firth. Though his turn in Mamma Mia may have taken a bit of the shine off.

  8. Number 2! Oh my. He's so...perfect.

    By the way, I've never seen Chocolat but I did love the book. I'll have to check it out!

  9. Madame--Colin Firth is the ONLY Mr. Darcy!!!!*

    The other gentleman pales in comparison. He is nothing. I look at him...and spit on the ground in disgust. HOK-TOOEY!!!

    *(I had to add four exclamation points so that you could understand the seriousness of my statement.)

    Meloves Colin Firth.

  10. Colin Firth all the way... and now, I'm going to have to watch watch it all over again.

    Did you know that the BBC is making a miniseries of Emma?

    And, has anyone seen the BBC of Sense & Sensibility? I haven't yet and wonder if it's good.

  11. Oh my stars, how can you even pose such a question? Colin Firth is the embodiment of Mr. Darcy!

    Midwest Mom is spot on about the 'strength and bumbling innocence' thing - there is little that endears me to a man more quickly.

    Goodness...I think I feel an attack of the vapors coming on - where is my fainting couch??

  12. You won't believe it, but I'm so smitten with the OTHER P & P that I've never seen the Colin Firth version. I suppose I'd better get it, yes?
    Mom on the Run is right - I love the look of the newer one - it seems so "real."

  13. Oh come on, there is only one Mr. Darcy. No contest. Colin Firth is the ONLY Mr. Darcy.

  14. Ew - can't belive Colin Firth is winning. Those mutton chops - oy!

    Give me dood #1 any day! (And adding P&P to my Netflix list.)

  15. What about Rupert?

    ...take a peek...

  16. Sense and Sensibility is very good. It's available on DVD. Much more serious than the Emma Thompson version.

    Colin Firth was not my first Mr. Darcy, so I feel absolutely no love for him in this role at all. In fact, eeewww is exactly how I feel about him.

    I guess it's like trying to recast Rhett Butler with anybody other than Clark Gable. James Brolin just couldn't cut it (wasn't he Rhett in that "Scarlett" movie?)

    But I'm loving Matthew. True Mr. Darcy love.

  17. Can't choose! Just can't choose! Can I have both? Is that creepy? Is that allowed? Is that legal?

  18. I like the newer Mr. Darcy. I didn't think I would, but I do.

  19. I'm with Mom on the Run. I think for the exactly same reasons. I can't get Bridget Jones out of my head.

  20. I've got to vote for Firth. Although I do like me some restrained...BUT, passionate and proper wins the prize.

  21. I've only seen number two...I know I'm working on that dilemma as we speak! So I'm reserving my vote until I can see and hear both on surround sound. I'll get back with you....

    Sweet Wishes,

  22. Can't I have them both?? They were both so good for such different reasons, and then add Johnny Depp in there, well, who needs reality?

  23. That's a tough one but after watching Love Actually, Collin Firth is a HUGE favorite of mine... so I'll take him, please. :)

  24. Do you even have to ask who my choice would be? I believe I am on record as being a HUGE fan of one Mr. Colin Firth. Not that the other Mr. Darcy is chopped liver or anything. One's favorite Mr. Darcy is like one's favorite James Bond -- whomever you see first is your favorite for life.

  25. Matthew, Matthew, Matthew.

    Don't get me wrong I enjoy watching Colin every chance I get, but Matthew makes my heart swoon.


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