Tuesday, February 24, 2009

only Penelope Cruz wears older dresses than I do

Oh dear, when I wrote 'wedding dress' yesterday, I didn't mean the actual dress I wore to my own wedding--and here y'all are so impressed with how I've kept my trim figure! Living in Wisconsin, a gal can attend a real range of weddings--indoor, outdoor, spring, summer, winter or fall. Because of the dramatic change of temperatures (90 and muggy in summer, -10 and snowy in winter), a gal has to own a real variety of formalwear. Strappy, lightweight for summer weddings, skirty and cardiganny for spring and fall (because air conditioning and cold night wind!) and warm without looking bundled up like Nanook of the North for winter weddings. That said, 8 years ago I bought a dress for a friend's Christmas wedding--something dressy without showing loads of skin, formal but wearable with tights in the cold weather. At Talbots I found this:

No, I didn't find Mr. G at Talbots--he just has a sneaky way of popping up all over the place. My winter wedding dress is shimmery, mid-weight, and looks terrific with black heels and antique dangle earrings. Plus I'm a simple gal, not given to cleavage and miniskirts. I like how the dress nips in at my waist a bit but it's not uncomfortably tight. We haven't been to a winter wedding in years, so it's been a long time since I've last worn this find. Happy me! It still fits just right. It's classic enough to keep wearing for another 8 years, too.

But now I'm so curious about my actual Wore to My Own Wedding Wedding Dress--I may pull it down this afternoon and try it on, which I've never ever done since the day I said "I do." Curiosity and vanity will win, of course.

For a real Oscar treat, read Saucy's blog post yesterday--don't you want to go to her place for next year's awards ceremony? I adored her fashion commentary! (I know, coming from a gal wearing the same dress to weddings for almost a decade--her fashion commentary was that interesting to a fashioNOTsa like me!)


  1. Oooh, that's such a classic dress. I do not seem to find the same sorts of goodies you do in resale shops (that utterly perfect black coat!!!) or even retail shops. How do you do it?

  2. Very nice dress! You are very brave to try on wedding dress this afternoon although I am sure between Jan and your martial arts you have a good chance! I want pictures if you fit! I love wedding dresses!

  3. It's a classic dress. I can understand why you hang on to it.

    I was just looking at my wedding pics yesterday. After seeing how tiny I looked in my dress, I'd be afraid to try it on again. Good thing it's still at my parent's house so I don't have to feel the need.

    Let us know if it fits.


  4. I'm like you: I have a few nice outfits that get pulled out repeatedly over the years. My sister got so tired of seeing my "summer wedding dress" that she practically begged me to go shopping.

  5. I have a few classics that I cycle through. It's so tough to find dresses that are beautiful enough these days. But yours is lovely.

    As for The Wedding Dress ... mine is upstairs in a garment bag. Who knows how long it will be until I see it again? Probably not until my daughter asks to see it.

    We'll be married 10 years in May.

  6. Very nice! I think Tim Gunn would be as complimentary to you as he was to Penelope.

  7. Love your dress! I have a standard go to wedding dress too!

  8. Just want to tell all of Green Girl's followers that her birthday is 2/25!

  9. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Love the dress. I could never wear anything less than thermal underwear in the winter when I lived up north. I am amazed.

  10. Makes my "funeral dress" seem kinda spooky now I think about it!!

    I tried on my wedding dress skirt recently and could JUST squeeze in....

  11. Great dress! The kids made me squeeze into my wedding dress a few years ago - they wanted to see how it looks.

    Happy Birthday! Our puppy turns one today :)


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