Thursday, March 26, 2009

can't stand the heat?

Yesterday afternoon...

Mr. T: I've decided where I want to have my birthday party this year!
Me: You have? Where?
Mr. T: Hell's Kitchen!
Me: (speechless)
Mr. T: (incorrectly interpreting my look of shock wherein I am calculating the sheer expense and improbability of granting said birthday party) Don't worry, Mom. Chef Ramsey's just mean on the TV show. He's really nice in real life.

Ah, for the good old days when he only wanted a chainsaw for his birthday...


  1. Seriously? He wants a cooking party?

  2. Oh my goodness.....I so totally want to attend the birthday party if Chef Ramsey is in attendance! I have a crush on him!!!

    Mr T....invite the friendly neighbor lady!!!


  3. Ohhhh...I'm going to start planning my birthday now - and it's not until the fall - I wanna Kindle - at least cooking will leave you feeling satisfied :D

  4. My sister has done cooking parties where the kids make/bake/decorate cupcakes. She made them all aprons as take-home gifts instead of goodie bags. Seriously, you could go with this -- get the Hell's Kitchen logo, print it off on iron-on transfer paper, and put it on the kids aprons... voila!

    Good luck. He's one cool kid!
    - Julia

  5. My son wanted to find a wind tunnel so he could simulate sky diving. Huh?

  6. This will be easy--just invite his friends over and berate them.

  7. Mr. T already understands very well that TV personas aren't necessarily for real. Good for him. ;)

  8. Hell's Kitchen? That would be some birthday party! Perhaps you should contact the show. Can you imagine the children as Chef Ramsey whipped the chef wannabes into shape for the big day! Too funny. Chef Ramsey is a bit like a chainsaw himself!

  9. There are cooking classes at local restaurants! he could do it!

  10. Holy cow! That's some birthday request!

  11. That's cute! Guessing he watched the episode with the kids birthday party haha.


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