Monday, March 16, 2009


It's incredible how 30 degrees can change your life. I've gone from hunched over and shivering beneath a quilt to puttering in the yard and putting things away in the garage. Robins fill the air with song, puddles cover the yard and drive, the boys are suddenly never in the house. It's great to bring order to things after pushing them aside for so long. Christmas lights and boxes that need to be broken down for recycling, broken glass in the corner of the garage that I couldn't face when it was 10 below is no sweat to clean up when it's 50 above. Filling birdfeeders when I'm not knee-deep in snow is a pleasant task and since the snow has mostly melted I can start measuring the places where my raised beds will go in the vegetable garden.

Mr. D and I have spent a lot of time in bed at night watching the Food Network which then makes us crave terrible foods. Terrible for us, that is, not terrible tasting. The other weekend we made french toast dredged through Captain Crunch cereal after watching Guy Fieri eat it on Triple D, for example. It tasted heavenly. Now it's been Irish pub food--all I've wanted all weekend was Shepherd's Pie and a pint of something dark and delicious. Sunday afternoon Mr. D returned from his run and hit the showers. I started to survey the boys about what they wanted for dinner. Mr. G called from the laundry room, "Lefty's here!" That's right, Lefty's home from college on spring break--would he join us for dinner? I began calculating the adjustments to our menu--adding a fully grown college boy makes a huge difference--when Mr. D came out of our bedroom dressed in jeans and a nice shirt. "You ready?" he asked me.

"Ready for what?"

"Lefty's here to watch the boys."

Lefty held up the two pizzas in his right hand and grinned.

I kissed each son on the head telling them, "See you later, Mommy and Daddy are going to be bad for a little while."

My Shepherd's Pie was savory and warmed me through my heart. My two pints of Bass Ale tasted heavenly. My husband is a wonderful man and Sunday surprises are the best.

How was your weekend, reader?


  1. Drudgery with a lovely little surprise thrown in. I think you and I both won the husband lottery.

    Weather wimp that I am, 50 degrees will find me huddled under a blanket--70 gets me planting!

  2. My weekend did not involve Shepherd's Pie--- but I do feel a craving coming on at the thought. Yum!

  3. Bass Ale is fruit for the spirit. My favorite.

    How wonderful that you got a surprise this weekend! To me, that's just the best.

    We spent yesterday visiting relatives and cleaning up the yard for Spring. Who knew there was so much work to do? Honestly, though, it doesn't feel like work when it is so beautiful outside. I could be out there from dawn until dusk.

    I'm betting those wellies on your header are soon going to be covered in mud! Isn't it exciting?

    - Julia

  4. That is a nice surprise!
    And now I'm craving Shepard's Pie...thanks for the idea :)

  5. Hey... I was at an Irish pub this weekend, too!
    Your outing definitely wins out on romance! Sounds wonderful :)

  6. You lucky dogs!
    (I could go for some shepherd's pie RIGHT NOW)

  7. How awesome!

    I, too, am SO EXCITED about the nice weather!!! (That I'm talking in all exclamation points today!!!)

  8. Beautiful weather(Sunny and low
    80's), worked a shift, did laundry, ate pizza with mushrooms, onions and italian sausage. Made homemade granola bars.

  9. Did you try the new Irish pub downtown? If so, I'm jealous!

  10. What a great guy you have. Food Network is dangerous and ever so subtle about it!

    My weekend was spent just hanging out about the house.

  11. I had a great birthday weekend! So glad to hear your garden will be growing soon. Now I'm wondering if I have lamb mince in the freezer....

  12. And yet, I spent the weekend with all 3 kids. ;-) And not getting enough sleep.

    But yea, the weather is amazing.

  13. I went to a fortuneteller over the weekend.

  14. I was going to go to a St. Patrick's Day Parade or two, but it rained here most of Saturday and Sunday, so no parade for me. The parades went on, though, with float people throwing heads of cabbage, Brussels sprouts, beads and other goodies.

  15. Mmmm...apparently not as "spicy" as yours.

  16. That is the most awesome surprise ever! Childcare AND dinner? So glad you had a great weekend!

  17. I have to agree with Jenn - 50 would have me snuggled under an afghan, but I'm a wimp after 4 Arizona winters. Still, I envy how spring makes everything come to life, and I don't get to experience that here.

    What a great surprise! Shepherd's pie sounds yummy.

  18. Erin Go Bragh!

    What a great weekend. I love Bass Ale.

    It was in the 50s here, too! I cleaned out the garage, organized the kids' closets, got our recycling ready to go and did a little bit of yardwork. It's amazing how energized I am when the weather warms up a bit!

    PS-Guess what? We're headed to Ireland for spring break at the beginning of April. I'll drink a Guiness in your honor...

  19. What a sweet surprise! I'm glad you had a wonderful time.

    We spent all weekend working on the house, of course. Did you go down to the second post? The "after" pic is shown there, along with a "before" and "during".

    I'm glad the weather is being kinder to you these days. Don't ya just love spring?

  20. My weekend involved rain, a school orchestra competition, and fretting about how spring break was coming to an end. I'm glad you had fun at the pub. How nice that your son is willing to babysit. :)

  21. Shepard's Pie and Bass Ale. It doesn't get any better then that.


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