Sunday, March 8, 2009

small pleasures

* Roundabouts.

* Reading nonfiction books to Mr. B who sits still and absorbs it all like a sponge--facts about planets, dinosaurs & sharks.
* Substitute grandpas who've helped me and Mr. T construct a Pinewood Derby car.
* Clementines.

* Fire Away Sunday--2 pastors, 1 hour, any questions answered (to the best of their ability)--and whatever didn't get answered they'll email you a response this week.
* Realizing that Mr. B will test for his black belt with my good friend Nicole's daughter K--this will make the long hours standing on the sidelines go faster.
* Tea forte--utterly charming way to bag tea (Thanks, Mary!)

* "Snakes"--a game involving Nerf guns that has kept my children active and occupied all weekend.
* Reading Alice Hoffman's book Blackbird House--she's a masterful writer. Lyrical and lovely in every way.
* Practicing yoga in a quiet-ish house in view of a winter storm outside our windows.
* New Glarus Coffee Stout.

What's your pleasure, reader?


  1. Roundabouts???? I am emailing you a photo of the worst ever roundabouts....

    As for moi....

    The cat waking me up in the morning.

    Curling up with a new interiors magazine.

    A slice of good brownie and a mug of tea.

    An open fire after a long walk.

  2. I like our roundabouts too.

    The few days of bliss after doing a big clean on the house.

    The smell of bread baking in the oven.

    Getting a cheek rub from a kitty.

    Green Girl showing up with a new post on my blog reader. :)

    I believe I may have to continue this on my blog. Good idea.

  3. I love our roundabouts too. :)

    Though I DO NOT love the winter storm we just had. Our snow had melted ENTIRELY and the next day we were dumped on again. Grrrrr...

  4. Reading People magazine- my guilty pleasure on a Friday night

    Hand crafting cards with my daughter

  5. New pleasure: Finally reading "Pride and Prejudice". All you ladies kept harping on about Jane Austen so I thought it time to finally put aside my normal authors and broaden my horizons. Am definitely pleased!

  6. reading

    sitting in a restaurant for hours with my husband and friends chatting

    decorating magazines

    consignment stores (furniture or little girl clothes)

    love the roundabouts in old neighborhoods (the new, not so much)

  7. A walk to the gym and lifting weights with a friend--after being too busy for too long.

  8. The fluffy footbed in a newer pair of Uggs before it gets smashed to flat oblivion from over-use.

    Begging my youngest to sing Night Ranger's "Sister Christian" a cappella--- and he complies.

    The crunchy softness of a fried doughnut rolled in granulated sugar.

    Sunglasses that make you feel 'instantly cool' when you put them on.

  9. "Fire Away Sunday" sounds funn...!

    What kind of underwear did Jesus wear?
    Did Mary Magdalene have any tattoos? Did any of the other apostles?
    When Jesus was a kid, did he have a bedtime?
    How do we know when it's really the apocalypse?
    Is Revelations real or just a lot of scary stories to get people to behave?
    * ; )

  10. Giggling and chatting more than watching the movie playing.

    Homemade veggie pot pie.

  11. Nice list - even if roundabouts confuse me...

    I'm enjoying the orange blossoms starting to bloom. I could inhale those all day :)

  12. The book I'm currently reading called "The Piano Teacher." I'm enjoying my time in 1943 Hong Kong.

    And red vines.

  13. Emails from friends.

    A piece of chocolate and a good cup of coffee.


    Time to pamper myself a bit and then drifting off to sleep. Which is what I'm about to do. XX

  14. New Glarus Coffee Stout? Hubs drinks beer, I drink coffee, and I'm just not sure if the two should really meet.

  15. I love roundabouts and wish they were more common in this country.

    My pleasures are gardening and reading.

  16. My husband and I hated the roundabouts in England, we got stuck on a few and would go around and around- the signs came up too fast, we couldn't read them in time to know which way to go... I'll keep my stop signs/lights-thank you very much.


  17. I love roundabouts. Had them in Germany. I wish we had more here. They are so energy efficient. I also love "green waves" where you get a row of green lights that stay green as long as you drive the speed limit. Why can't we have those here either??

    And I love my daughters playing "elf" in the morning, pulling up the blinds to surprise me with their helpfulness.

  18. Roundabouts! really?? They make me nervous. Well over here anyway where they drive on the wrong side of the road.

    But pleasures: Those full-on-whole-body hugs from my baby. Giggling with hubby. Good conversations :)


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