Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Are you familiar with Gardeners Supply Company? You know how Carrie Bradshaw adores Manolo Blahnik? This catalog is my poison--I'd blow Mr. D's entire paycheck shopping here.

It's a dangerous catalog--I covet something on every other page--impractical things like this gazebo (out of stock--thank goodness!)

This bench would be perfect in the potager I'm planting this spring--a quiet place to read and reflect.

Something like this would look lovely by our pool.

Just the thing for our sump pump to drain into--they're running a deal if you buy 2--each barrel holds 75 gallons.

Retro lawn furniture--in 4 different colors!

With matching pots for flowers!

A house for toads. I'd put it in my herb garden.

Imagine the sound of a fountain while pulling weeds--can anything be more tranquil?

There were other things too--board connectors for building raised beds, traps for Asian beetles and flies, mulch edgers made from recycled tires. Usually I toss catalogs because they make me want things I can't have and don't need. Last night I lay in bed with my Gardeners Supply Company catalog folding over pages and marking up a wish list. Silly girl with wishes.

Reader, what catalog is dangerous for you to page through?


  1. I can sit and page through nightly my paper crafts catalog..Oh if money wasn't an issue..What I would have and the things I could make

  2. I haven't seen Gardener's Supply for years! Certainly full of idyllic images. Is it the same gazebo and bench they have pictured?

    I'm much better about it now but my catalog weakness was JCrew. Sad and shallow, I know. I used to tear pages, put them into plastic sleeve protectors and create binders out of them to make the ultimate reference.

    Okay, I still do this a little bit.

  3. anything crafty or home decor. Especially things with primitive decorations in it.

    But most loved are my cooking magazines/catalogs. Oh! to have the perfect castle bundt pan! The cakes I could make! Too bad it's a $75 pan.

  4. My Gardener's Supply catalog is absolutely dog-eared and marked up. I haven't placed an order yet, but I will soon.

  5. Thanks for all the love for our catalog. Have a great gardening season. Joe from Gardener's Supply

  6. That's awesome. Especially if someone else would set it all up for me. ;)

    Truthfully, the speech and special ed catalogs I get are horrible and I want to buy everything.

  7. Beading and jewelry catalogs! The beads are pretty, sparkly, and little - it's hard to believe how fast they add up!

  8. I am in total and complete love with that rainbarrel. (And until today, I hadn't heard of Gardener's Supply!)

    You're like a crack dealer for gardeners, you know.

    (Which, of course, is why I heart this blog.)

    - Julia

  9. I love catalogs--- like window shopping without the sales people. It does tend to give me a wee case of the "wants" on occasion.

  10. The Gardener's Supply catalog goes right next to the Pottery Barn catalog - sigh!

  11. Sur la table.

    I love that catalog. Good thing they only send you a couple and if you don't order anything you get taken off the list.

    I don't really get any catalogs anymore, other than LLBean and Lands' End.

  12. Ooh, I'm drooling...I love garden catalogs, too. Maybe it's a good thing I don't really have the space for all that stuff...not to mention the money for it.

  13. Drop the catalog in a strategic place with a note that says "Mother's Day Ideas."
    I'm making a rain barrel this weekend!

  14. Oh dear. I'm glad I don't get that catalog. That would be dangerous for me too.
    I LOVE that bench!!!

  15. I am sadly a Pottery Barn addict. The good news is that I mostly use it for inspiration and rarely actually purchase anything (and definitely not full price).

    Want to see how good I am at knock-offs? I too love retro-style outdoor furniture. Instead of buying expensive ones from Gardener's Supply or Restoration Hardware, I found mine at a consignment shop. With a little spray paint, I can have any color I want and they don't look too shabby.
    Plus, I can change up the color every summer if I want to.


  16. Here in Baltimore, I've been saving gardening catalogues for weeks. And now spring has finally arrived. The first crocuses and daffodils are blooming and seedlings have emerged in the trays we planted. You can walk outside now without a coat, and the air smells of fresh mulch.:)

  17. I'm lucky 'cause my husband has built me chairs, benches, pergolas, arbors all from recycled wood. But I still covet garden goodies...

    Guess I'm never happy :(

  18. Ooh, gorgeous. I'm so happy spring is on its way. But my problem is that while I love looking at those beautiful things and other people's gardens, I just don't have the urge to get out in the dirt and plant one myself. Maybe it's because it gets so blazing hot here, or maybe all the weeding I had to do as a kid in our family's garden did me in.
    But I can appreciate yours!

  19. Stopping by from Candid Carrie.
    Wow...lovely looking spring stuff.

  20. No garden I'm all about Garnet Hill instead.

    So many preeeety thiiiiings.

    It's all about meeeeeeee!

  21. I only had time to quickly scan through my blog roll yesterday and was not able to comment - but last night I got home and opened the mailbox to find what? My latest copy of Gardeners Supply! I have several pages tagged now too and am eyeing that bargain on rain barrels :)

    Mostly I just look at things online, but that catalog and Boden are two that I do enjoy getting in the mail.

  22. I could go through a paycheck or two myself in that catalog. Soon, we will have a home of our own again, with a garden and all the things that go with it.

  23. Any catalogue is danger for me. I love, love, love rain barrels. We only have 1 right now, but I'm hoping for more. For Mother's Day perhaps?

  24. I would like one of everything you posted. And I would like for you to come plant my garden. My thumbs are literally and figuratively brown.


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