Tuesday, April 28, 2009

change of season

The view on my front porch--bright green grass (I wonder if spring is really in Technicolor or if my senses are so dulled by winter that it just seems super-vibrant outside), rubber boots for mud and rain, baseballs at the ready in the pansy pot.

Fresh flowers on my table every day--finally! That's one of my favorite things about winter leaving us for a spell. Daffodils, then tulips, then lilacs will round out the springtime bouquets. The sight perks me up.

No, Team Testosterone hasn't gone freakishly patriotic--Mr. G has started in the path of his older brothers. He is now a student of karate and that's the team after Saturday morning's family class--we've got 'em in every belt rank these days--from white to blue stripe to black. It blows my mind that Bachelor #3 is ready to step into the dojo.

Add to these blessings:
* 2 new screen doors that let in fresh breezes and close with a satisfying slap
* 2 great books on my bedside table--What Was Lost and The $64 Tomato (tell me I'm not the only ADD girl out there who needs to read 2+ books at a time)
* discovering a better recipe for chocolate chip cookies (I've used the one on the back of the Nestle chip bag for years, but they always turned out too cakey--I like my cookies chewing with a hint of crispiness--the recipe on the back of the Blue Bonnet margarine box isn't quite perfect, but it's an improvement)
* Team Testosterone playing outdoors more than indoors which means less mess for me to yell about
* the steady use of the backyard swing set
* shaking sand out of their clothes before bringing them inside to wash
* the new color of my laundry room--Willow Bough--it turned out better than I thought
* finding a man to spray poison all over the Reed Canary Grass in the Back Forty--for a very reasonable price

Isn't spring the best season of all?


  1. I love spring, no doubt about it, but fall remains my favorite.

    My poor Ellie hates spring because of her allergies. She's just miserable in April and May and actually woke us up with her crying a few nights ago.

    I love the photo of your boys!

  2. That picture of the boys is the cutest thing I've seen since my boss brought her 5 month old son into work the other night.

    You know I have soft spot for boys in Martial Arts uniforms!

  3. What cute boys!

    I too keep two books at a time - usually one fiction and one non-fiction / occasionally work-related book going. A girl always needs options!

  4. So cool to have your own karate kids !!!

  5. spring is the best -- in georgia daffodils begin blooming in January -- you can hate me now.

  6. I was going to ask you how to grow a "baseball bush" *heehee!*
    * ; )
    I ususally read more than one book at a time too...especially if one book is heavy...

  7. Awesome pic of the boys--- Mr. G looks especially proud to be a member of the dojo!!!

    Your white daffodils, oh lovely.

  8. I'm a summer girl, but really in San Diego it's hard to complain.

    I love the baseballs by the front door--we used to do that.

  9. Those boys are too freaking cute! I love spring too. The release from WINTER most of all!

  10. Oh, you are full in it! We're just getting days warm enough to play outside 'til dinner...the first shoots of tulips coming up.


  11. AAAAND I love the way the boots get into every shot! I have a chocolate chipper recipe that's very popular, but very oatmeal-granola-bar-ish. Interested? It's healthy. But yummy. But not chewy-with-a-touch-of-crisp, I know what you mean.

  12. Oh and I too read two at time. Fiction and non-fiction. It's a good system!

  13. Yes, Spring is the best. But it doesn't last nearly long enough. ;-)

  14. I wish we had a real spring here, but I'll make myself content with a summer at the lake in Indiana. Can't wait for fireflies.

    I love your list!

  15. It's finally spring in Wisconsin! Yea!!!

    It's pushing 80 here all week, and probably won't be long until 90's+ find there way down here. YUK!

  16. Love the photo of your Bachelors all lined up in their karate gear! Love that you are sharing the activity with them even more.

  17. Fine young men you are raising there.

    I had no idea there was another place to find a Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe...may have to look at my Bluebonnet box!

    Nothing makes my heart sing more than fresh cut flowers, especially in spring. We took a ten day trip to Texas and when we returned only one bunch of our daffodils still had blooms. The rest had browned back to refurbish mode.

    Three books! Yeh, I read 3 at a time. Sometimes I misplace one of them for 2 or 3 days and have to have an alternative.

  18. I love lilacs. They are my all-time favorite flower.


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