Tuesday, April 21, 2009


* I woke up to this today. Snow. On my daffodils.
* The Happyland Park & Rec has begun scheduling practices--it's April. I found out last night that Mr. B has t-ball practice tomorrow night from 6:30-7:30 for crying out loud. We've not even wrapped up our winter activities--there's no friggin' room on our calendar for more stuff right now!
* Speaking of the Happyland Park & Rec, apparently when you say, "I'll help with youth soccer, but I can't coach because a) I have a younger son who'll be sitting on the sidelines and b) my husband is already coaching Cadet League baseball with our older son on the exact same night as Mr. B's soccer games--so I can't coach, but I'm happy to help" it translates into "Sure! I'd love to coach!" They're expecting me to show up Saturday morning to get trained and pick up my roster and gear. Uh, people? I'm already busy at 9:00 Saturday attending family class at karate. I'm NOT COACHING. And if you keep misinterpreting the word "help" I'll pull my kid from soccer altogether. Just sayin'.
* Mr. T wants a cell phone--for $10 I can buy a flip phone and for $20 I can load it with minutes. Then he can text! And make phone calls! I told him he has to start actually using a phone before I'll buy him his own. Duh. That's so unfair! Mr. T? Life's not fair. Deal with it.
* Mr. G wants to sleep in our bed every night lately. I make him sleep in a sleeping bag on the floor. He winds up half out of the bag, crunched up against the edge of my dresser. Uncomfortable? Yes. Cruel? So he says. So go sleep in your own bed in your room, I helpfully suggest.
* The main 4-lane highway that runs through our entire area is slated for road work all summer. That means a clogged artery inconveniencing everybody in my area through November. With no real alternate route around it at most points. Which will then mean a lot of extra traffic on my current alternate routes that I take to avoid said highway. Ugh.

What indignities are you suffering in your neck of the woods?


  1. Ugh, so sorry about the snow. I would probably snap over any winter weather at this point.

    No indignities in my neck of the woods -- I'm feeling pretty happy today.

  2. Oh no! I was hoping the snow would miss you like it missed us. Well, at least it should all melt tomorrow. ???
    Not much to complain about here. (do you hear me knocking on wood???)

  3. Snow?

    Are you living in Wisconsin or Antarctica?

    That's just wrong.

  4. A water feature that has srung from the bedroom wall.

  5. i don't want to tell you.

    Oh OK.

    It's too hot here.


  6. Oh, the snow! I was quite grumpy this morning, too. And Highway construction? Husband commutes to the Emerald City to work five days a week. This will be awful.

  7. Sometimes it really is kinder in the long run for a Mama to be just a teensy bit cruel.

  8. My parents arrive for a 5-day visit on Thursday, and my husband has chosen this week to finish drywalling the stairwell.

    So, I've been cleaning up drywall dust... daily. Bleck.

    Have I mentioned that I compulsively clean when my mom is coming to visit? This isn't helping.

    - Julia

  9. We had the most snow this year that we've ever had - and I got tired of it pretty quick - after about one week of being house bound.

  10. I'd sort out that coaching thing REALLY fast so you're not left holding a snowy bag. Sorry for the unpredictable weather.

    I wish I'd been there to go out to that 'reading' that turned into a stand-up evening--and for free! And, of course, to have a piece of that cheesecake. LOVE the cheesecake here in Montgomery Point~

  11. even though I really like that picture, it is cruel...to think not much of a spring for all of us upper midwesterners, and that it'll be 80* this weekend...well, let's just hope that there is no frost after this weekend-
    the veggies and plants would NOT like it-
    I could complain that my horse has a hay belly? if that'll help you :)

  12. More snow! That sucks! It was 79 here today on the gulf coast, almost getting too warm this early...

    Coach, hmmmmm? GOOD LUCK!

  13. San Diego Momma said it--I wouldn't have!

  14. The minor indignity of one, well-placed adult pimple on the tip of my professionally-sculpted nose. Ugh.

  15. That was perfectly titled. Life has been gentle lately for me. Sun all around...Hope it lasts!

  16. Things are fairly sunshiny here. This morning I had to Throw Momma On The Train for a 9:30 flight. That means I got up at 6:08am

  17. What is it with kid cell phone mania! Both of my daughters want one and they're 9 and 7. We decided to wait because, well, we still have a house phone. We told them until they have wheels that they can drive, they don't really need a cell phone. We are officially evil parents. Sigh.

  18. I know it's infuriating, but that coaching thing is hilarious! What drives me crazy is our HOA. We just got a letter saying one of our trees was growing over the fence into the common area. It was really a common area shrub growing over the fence into OUR yard. Brilliant.


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