Thursday, April 2, 2009


* Tailgaters.
* 2 hours in a dentist chair, complete with drilling and grinding yesterday.
* The ache in the left side of my jaw.
* Naughty children.
* The guy Mr. D called to discuss rolling our lawn telling Mr. D he'd rather talk to him, even though Mr. D explained I am in charge of most outdoor projects and we make decisions 50/50. What's with the guys in this town? I imagine they sit in a row at the tavern talking about my awesomeness and how intimidating it is...poor Mr. D has to pick up all negotiation duties as long as my awesomeness remains so legendary.
* Getting punched several times in my face guard last night while sparring.
* And Mr. K's kick to my sternum didn't feel too good either.

* Finding most of what I usually buy on sale at the grocery store.
* Someone lending me the perfect book.
* Mr. G waking up and asking, "Is my behaviorment over mom?" (I like that word--a hybrid of 'punishment' which is what he experienced all day Tuesday and 'behavior' which was the lesson we were learning. Not listening and obeying mommy = No TV, No computer, No treats and watching mommy & Mr. T eat all the donuts from the grocery store. Methinks he gets it.)
* All the nice people at Mr. D's office who ordered Boy Scout geraniums from Mr. T.
* Getting a babysitter last minute so I could spar last night.
* Sunshine this morning.
* Getting to catch up with Nicole while waiting through our kids' karate class.
* Mr. D's poker night--I had total control over the remote.


  1. The name of the place I get my massages: Equilibrium


  2. Ha ha...behaviorment. Love it!

  3. Bane-- parents who can't use the drop off lane correctly

    Happiness-having your 12 year old boy tell you he loves you while in the drop off lane.
    Yep cried all the way to work today-

  4. I'd like a bumper sticker that reads, "I brake for tailgaters." At least then they would have fair warning.

  5. I love behaviorment! It is nice to recognize the equilibrium in life.

  6. Ooh. Bad lawn guy.

    I once had a scary crazy neighbor (no, not my French one--an all American male version) who got mad about my kids' soccer ball landing over his fence and threw a big yelling fit, demanding to speak to my husband about it. I explained in a calm voice that whatever he wanted to say to my husband he could say to me. He threw his hands up in the air and said he didn't do well with hysterical women.
    That kind of thing drives me bonkers.
    At least you've got a nice list of blessings! :)

  7. The ying and the yang--- I love it! Wax on, wax off, Green Girl! :)

  8. woah! What a last few days!

  9. I really need to do one of these. It will help me to focus on the positive as much as the negative and I think I need that today.

    Bane- Realizing the stroller in not in the trunk upon reaching the mall.

    Blessing- The $2/turn jumphouse at the mall that was completely empty at just the moment one little toddler wanted to try. Also, the owner that permitted me to go in too.

    Aw, that does feel better.


  10. Yeah!! Catching up with you is a blessing to me, too:)

  11. Oh, sigh. I hope your weekend ends up with more blessings than bummers.

  12. Behaviourment sounds like a very good word indeed.

  13. Behaviorment--Urban Dictionary, here it comes!

  14. My teeth and jaw are aching just from the mention of a dentist. Ugh.

  15. That is pretty balanced. Hope your jaw feels better!


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