Thursday, April 9, 2009

estrogen shot

For an evening we got to live out the dream of having a baby girl. History Girl left Kitty, an 18 month old bundle of giggles and smiles, in our care. Kitty sat in the middle of the living room playing with her hair, a coy smile creeping out from behind her pacifier. Team Testosterone and I sat around her watching her. A bin of baby toys stashed especially for such occasions provided the rest of the entertainment.
The night flew by while the boys handed her toy after toy, marveling at her baby cuteness. Mr. D tickled her and she squealed with laughter. Mr. T and Mr. G bonked themselves on the head repeatedly to her delight. Mr. B resumed begging me for a baby sister (sorry, bud, no dice). Kitty would throw her arms out and exclaim "Cubbie!" after every trick.
The best part came towards the end of the night when Team Testosterone did their push-ups before bedtime. Kitty dropped to all fours and bobbed her head up and down towards the carpet in her imitation the big boys--I wish I'd had the video recorder charged--it was too adorable.
All 3 of my boys showed her such kindness and it was fun having a content baby in our midst. But it was just as nice sleeping through the night after Farmer came to take her home at 8:30. Yep, no regrets, just gratitude that we can live the dream of having a baby girl vicariously through our neighbors.


  1. It's fun to borrow other people's babies every now and then.
    When she gets a little older, she'll have to bring over her girly toys and get your boys to play tea party.

  2. Oh my gosh. I totally get it. When I see pregnant people I'm like, better you than me. But gosh darn, I can not wait to hold my new niece or nephew if it decides to ever make an appearance!

  3. How sweet! Sounds like you had a fun time getting more estrogen into your home :)

  4. Oh, yeah. I so love other people's babies. All the fun with only a smidgeon of the responsibility.

  5. It sounds like you had a *great* time. Team Testosterone has a soft side -- who knew? ;)

    We are "living the dream" with our youngest, and she is a handful. Even so, every so often I get that "what if" feeling...

    Maybe there's something to that "living vicariously through the neighbors" thing.

    - Julia

  6. With the way Kitty was willing to get right in there and do those push-ups... she may just have added herself as a vicarious member to Team Testosterone!

  7. I'm so glad that Kitty got along great with the Men! She slept through the night and didn't want to wake up this morning...the boys must have made her zonk out!

    Hopefully, if she keeps doing the pushups with the guys, she'll be more athletic than her mumma!

    Thanks again for watching her!

  8. I feel similarly when I watch my friend's boys. My two girls and I just watch agape as they throw themselves into the walls and tackle everything that moves.

    It's a nice shot of testosterone though and my husband loves it.

  9. It's hard to imagine going thru the little baby stage again, huh? I wonder if I will ever do that again, as beautiful and exhausting as it was.

  10. Love your blog! I nominated you for an award on mine.

  11. so cute! and so nice!!

    I wish you could just pop over....keep your eye out this summer though....hey- did you become a NDF Chick yet??


    well- c'mon on over!!

  12. Maybe someday I will have to bring Team Estrogen (we have 4 daughters) to Wisconsin to meet Team Testosterone. hehe :)

    Also, I need to borrow that 18 month old to teach my 14 month old how to play nicely and quietly. hehe ;)

  13. I'm still chuckling at "Ditch Bitch"!!

    What fun to have a little girl visitor when you have all men in your house. At least she wasn't a teenage girl lip-glossing every few minutes... which they do. A friend of mine tried to get me hooked on lip-gloss and I gave it a hearty try. However, my hair is chin length and it kept getting stuck in the gloss and the front ends of my hair would get all sticky and eventually stuck together. Sooooo... continue to enjoy your boys and be glad you won't have to deal with the cosmetic counter... ever.

  14. That is so darn cute that she did push ups!!

    do your boys really do push ups every night??

  15. After a certain age babies are like cigarettes - best bummed off other peopel!

  16. What a cute story. Sounds like thos boys would have made wonderful big brothers to a little girl :)


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