Wednesday, April 15, 2009

house rules

Clear your place after you eat at the table.
Eat popcorn on the party sheet if you're eating in the living room.
Hold hands and stay together whenever there are cars.
Brush your teeth, wash your hands, put on jammies before bed.
Nobody takes Mr. T's medicine except for Mr. T.
Use a tissue.
Gum belongs in your mouth or in the trash.
Eat something green every day.
Eat healthy food before junk food.
Only mommies can help you clean out your ears.
No rough housing on mom & dad's bed.
No playing in mom & dad's room.
You can play as crazy as you want upstairs, in the basement or outside.
Homework first.
Hang your coat on a hook, don't leave it on the floor.
Dirty clothes go in the hamper.
No snacks right before lunch or dinner.
Might for right.
No kids by the pool without a grown up.
No toys in the driveway or behind parked cars--unless you want them run over.
Everyone helps work and we all get to play longer.
Wash your hands after you eat.
Buckle up in the Momvan.
Aim for the center of the toilet bowl and pay attention.
Respect grown ups.
If you wake up in the middle of the night you can sleep on the couch in the living room, anywhere upstairs, or in a sleeping bag on the floor in mom & dad's room.
Hang up wet clothes.
Put karate uniforms on the steps.
Pick up your toys.
You can only watch Disney Channel or PBS Kids. Anything else needs parental approval.
Soda is for very special occasions.

What crazy rules do you have at your house?


  1. Uhhh... which one of those was crazy? They all sound pretty...well, sound to me. :)

    I live alone. There are no rules.

    Oh, wait - if people come over there are rules, including SHUT THE EVER-LOVIN' CABINET DOORS. Open cabinet doors cause hives and tics, y'know.

  2. Aim for the center of the toilet bowl and pay attention.This was my favorite :-D

  3. The gum one cracked me up--ours has always been:
    Q: Where does gum belong?

    A: In your mouth, in the trash, or in Craig's hair.

    Craig being the dad whose daughter let the gum fall out of her mouth while she was riding on his shoulders in the ballpark parking lot. It was bad!

  4. None of those sound crazy, and many of them exist at our house.

    In fact...I don't think I have anything else to add. :)

  5. Umm...let's see...
    No flying behind the stove
    No jumping up on the kitchen counters
    Eat something when you're hungry.
    Take your vitamins.
    Take your prescriptions.
    No biting.
    No dirty clothes on the bathroom floor. Use the hamper!
    No climbing the curtains.
    No scratching the upholstery.
    Call or text before comng over.
    No drunk men allowed.

    * : )

  6. I want to know who has been cleaning someone else's ears.

    I insist that everyone put his/her shoes away and not leave them all over the place. I also insist that robes get hung up and not flung on bedroom floors.

  7. All sporting gear goes back in the respective bag for the next game/practice/class

    And my most important rule- Be Nice to one another

  8. We must have gone to the same Mom school, but... Dude, you have a party sheet?

    Let's see... where's that rules list?

    Ah, here it is.

    ~ Listen the first time.
    ~ When someone gets hurt, make sure they're alright.
    ~ Books on the shelf, toys in the playroom.
    ~ No whining.
    ~ At the table, behave like ladies and gentlemen.

    ~ and everything Melissa just said... especially the parts about aiming and paying attention.

    ;D - Julia

  9. - keep your teeth to yourself
    - share the toys
    - eat from your own bowl
    - no drinking out of the toilet
    - shoes are not for chewing
    - no jumping on guests
    - no licking yourself while siting on the the couch

    (I have dogs :))

  10. I love this! It's a rather poetic treatment of house rules. :)

  11. Mom is always right.
    Dad is usually right-er. (In his mind at least!)

  12. Mine sound about the same. Except girls don't have a problem with "aim". ;)

  13. Toilet seat - down.

    No gum on the side of a plate - ewww

    Never tell anyone SHUT-Up! It's like swearing in our house but hush-up is ok.

  14. No jumping on anyone's bed but yours!

  15. We exist under pretty much the same rules. We do have one about asking to be excused and clearing their plates from the table. This rule only came about after friends visited last year, and their kids (same ages as ours) did this. We were totally shamed by our feral children.

    Until Menopause is about 10 years.

    Sweet Wishes, from the woman who's waiting for the pause in menopause.

  17. 99% of yours. Then add put the toilet seat cover down when your done. Homework before play and no back talk.

  18. Enjoyed your list. We have many of the same. And you may have just inspired me to come up with my own list of house rules. You will receive full assist credits, of course.


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