Monday, April 27, 2009


Sensations that send chills up my spine:

* writing on a chalkboard with chalk
* touching chalk
* picking up Legos off the carpet
* when my fingernails grow to 1/8 an inch. Must. Cut. Immediately.
* on that note, filing nails--my own or other people's. There's just something about that scraping noise that makes me grit my teeth.
* wet socks on my feet.
* hearing Mr. G's whiny voice (not his regular voice).
* licking a popcicle stick--or eating ice cream cups with those little wooden spoons.

Gah! I've given myself goosebumps just typing this list! Reader, what gives you the heebie-jeebies?


  1. Somebody who has dirty fingernails- Gross. Me. OUT.

    Cracking knuckles

    And sniffling

  2. oh yeah - And eating cottage cheese- I don't like the texture

    And the thought of eating blue cheese- why would I want to put mold in my mouth

  3. I'm with you on the wet socks. I also can't stand touching a roll dusted with flour.

    Last night I realized I can hardly stand to watch TV anymore because of all the actresses with plumped up lips. It just gives me the creeps.

  4. Worms. Gooey red squirmy worms. I can garden, but if one touched my bare skin I would be shuddering all day.

    Oh, and gross teeth! Like yellow or decayed ones or ones sticking out in crazy directions. I could never live in England, I believe.

    I also hate wet socks. Or the feeling when your socks get all bunched down inside your shoes. Or the sock seam digging into your feet. I usually wear socks inside out for just this reason. Maybe I should just give up wearing socks.

  5. Ha! What is with those little wooden spoons?! Nothing like plywood-flavored ice cream, don't you think?

    And hearing someone chewing on ice... oh help me!

  6. Yeah, my nails are cut short too. THE DIRT! How do people live with long nails? They must never garden. Or clean. Or anything.

    But wet socks means we're hiking, so it's a good feeling for me.

    How about, when there's a napkin wrapped around your glass? I hate the way it feels on my fingers. Eeew. And I hate roaches. Dead or alive. Hate.

  7. Large black ants suddenly appearing in my travel trailer. They always get an immediate funeral! Either the fly swatter treatment, or the ant spray. Then they are into the portable vac! Gone!

  8. I used to have a teacher that would scratch her talons on the chalkboard to get the class's attention. That tops my list.

  9. Hearing people clip their fingernails. It's one thing if someone is doing it in the privacy of his/her home; it's another entirely if they're out in public.

    The sound of a metal rake scratching on a sidewalk or driveway -- use a broom instead.

    Food bags being crinkled. Everyone in my house knows to put the food into a bowl instead.

  10. Okay... for the record, I garden AND I have nails longer than 1/8 inch. It CAN BE DONE, people. Please, do not be afraid.

    As for the wet socks. I have a hard time picking them up from the floor and getting them to the laundry if, for instance, my kids have been puddle jumping and have shed their soggy clothes. I insist that they deliver their wet things to the laundry room *themselves*.

    Other things I can't stand:
    Cutting food so hard that the knife squeaks against the plate.

    When people crash their fork into their teeth on the way in/bite their utensils.

    Bits of toilet paper on the floor of a public restroom. It may be just paper, but then again, it may not be.

    Walking into a spider web.

    and Bathtub rings.

    That's more or less the comprehensive list. :D

    - Julia at Midwest Moms

  11. Hehehe. These are too funny.
    Having something super cold (like a popsicle) touch my front teeth. And the popsicle stick gives me shivers too.
    Clowns. Big time shivers.
    And dentists too.

  12. Some of mine have been mentioned already - licking wooden spoons or popsicle sticks, clowns/circuses (hard to believe I've been to the Circus World Museum twice), House on the Rock (creeps me out), crooked teeth (I know that sounds judgemental, but come on, it's the 21st century folks), whiny children and dogs, parents making threats they don't intend to follow through with, confrontational people, babies crying who could easily be consoled if someone would take the time, the texture of Velveeta (makes me gag), gluttony, and... (my Type A personality is showing here)... clutter. It bothers me intensely.

  13. Wow, so many of these made me go "oh, yeah!!" lol I am so with you on the wet socks - ick!

    Things that top my list:
    *people picking any part of their body and then inspecting their finger
    *stepping in wet, gooey muck (like the bottom of a lake)
    *men with long fingernails
    *corn meal on the bottom of pizza crust
    *that snorting thing deep in the throat - get a tissue, people!
    *JUNE BUGS!!!!

  14. People using toothpicks in public. YUCK!
    And I second Sarah on the cottage cheese thing. Gross!

  15. I'm so with you on the wooden spoons thing. ARGH. I just got a chill thinking about it.

  16. Bare feet on carport floor...too chalky.

  17. The popsicle sticks and wet socks, for sure.

    Stepping on something sticky in bare feet.

    When the dentist drills your teeth and it looks like smoke is coming out of your mouth.

  18. Chewed up gum - when the kids set it on the side of the plate as they eat. EWWWwwwwwwwwwwwww.

  19. Unglazed ceramic. I bought a Pampered Chef pizza stone once. O thought I would be able to use it with potholders. I couldn't do it. Gave it to my SMIL. Just looking at it gave me the shivers.

  20. Ooh, what's up with the legos? I'm intrigued.


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