Wednesday, May 6, 2009

baseball and domesticity

Mr. D's team finally won a baseball game. Sure, they won it 2-1. Yes, there was a terrifying error in the seventh inning where they might have thrown it all away, but it was a happy ending indeed. A good way to start the week--his team plays Thursday, Friday and Saturday. I could not bear for them to lose 4 games in one week.

Got my hair cut yesterday and I'm not 100% sold on it. Lots of layers. We'll see.

Mr. T was all concerned last night about how he'd get calcium, protein and Vitamin D without milk in his diet. This coming from a kid who wants to eat Lucky Charms and donuts for breakfast and Pringles and Lunchables for lunch. (Sheesh, quit looking at me like that--just because he wants to eat those things doesn't mean I let him!) I told the little dietary guru that he'd be just fine--if he'd actually eat his 5 servings of fruits and veg every day like he's supposed to he'd get all the nutrients he needs.
Mr T: Five servings?!? That's more than I eat in like an entire week!
Me: Yeah. So you better start stepping up, my friend.

It's raining buckets today--and one drainspout is emptying perfectly into one of our new rain barrels. I put out my Aunt Till's plants (5 days before Mother's Day) because I'm very optimistic and they really like rainwater. My daffodils and tulips are gloriously open and the phlox has started to bloom too. All that's left is the new contractor showing up with my dirt and his backhoe to level out my new veg garden. Meanwhile, I found a place to buy asparagus roots for when it's ready. And I've got my other new flower bed all planned out--can you tell I've got spring fever?

I'm not prone to spending money on silly things--I do enough damage to D's wallet between bookstores and greenhouses. And I confess to spending extra on Mrs. Meyers Clean Day dishsoap because I love the smell--it makes the chore of washing up less tedious. But gee whiz, are these not the cutest things ever? Gloveables. I do think they're loveable. If some kid were to spend less than $20 on a Mother's Day gift, what would you ask them to buy you?


  1. Beautiful gloves, but is that cheese to their left? Am wondering if this is a Wisconsin thing.

  2. I'm glad you're finally getting to garden. Does T like edamame (soybeans)? That's what we give Ellie when we're trying to get a little more protein in her. I cook them in the microwave for a couple of minutes, add a smidge of salt and butter, and then they're devoured in minutes. Ellie loves them so much that she plants them (super easy!) and is excitedly planning her 2009 crop.

  3. Those are cute gloves! Still not enough to make me want to scrub a pot...

  4. Oh yes, I'm all over those gloves!

    Trust me, I know the terror of too many games lost. Hooray for Mr. D's team!

    Sounds like your garden is yielding some very pretty Spring bouquets with your daffs, tullies and phlox!

  5. Oh my. Those gloves are just so silly and fun. Hope you enjoy them.

    :D - Julia

    p.s. Cool snack is dried fruit. My kids love apricots and figs.

  6. gloves are darling..and it is raining like crazy here!

  7. Love the gloves--- might even make dishes entertaining.

  8. Weather has sucked here too. How is it your even PLAYING ball with all the rain?

  9. five a day? five? a day????

    k, i wish someone would have told me that before....

  10. I gave those gloves to a gal pal for her birthday and she leaves them in her bucket to make her feel less dowdy. Let's see: I'd take a pedicure, a totally selfish, silly thing. Only had 3 in my life, but oh, those leg massages plus someone else painting my toes!

    SO glad Mr. D's team won a game! Let peace reign at home~

  11. I want to come take a vacation in your yard. It sounds lovely.

  12. I love the gloves!

    We have two new rainbarrels AND new gutters coming this week.

  13. I really love the smell of the Mrs. Meyer's products I won--the counter spray smells good instead of chemically.

  14. Love the gloves - but I'd appreciate them more if they were in camo gear fabric for my husband - come on, it's Mother's Day, I think he can do the dishes.


  15. Wow, the gloves are really.....girly!

    If my gift HAD to be less than $20 I would like a big bookstore giftcard for $19.99


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