Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Noticing long fingernails on men.
Tantrum-throwers--the ones in public with caretakers who won't remove them from the scene, preferring to beg and plead and bargain.
My golf swing.
Mr. D's baseball team. Last year if the opposing team hit a pop fly, we sat back comfortably, knowing it was an easy out. This year? The outfield and infield are like a giant sieve--will the runner get to first? Second? Third? Between the suspense and the terror, this season is killing us.
The concession stand worker coughing up a lung while serving up our burgers and hot dogs at last weekend's game.
Parks and Recreation.
Buying our favorite bacon at a fantastic price--and realizing after I've tossed several packages in my cart that it's probably marked down because of Swine Flu. Which really isn't linked to my Oscar Meyer Hearty Thick Cut Bacon, right? Right?

What's missing from this list?

In other breaking news, we're trying Mr. T on a dairy free diet (since I've read lots about neurological disorders and their symptoms linked to food sensitivities). Apparently our family eats a LOT of cheese. If you have any suggestions on "hidden" dairy or on good dairy-free foods, please let me know!


  1. why is it my son's nails grow faster and better than mine?

    and now i'm hungry for some cheese. thanks.

  2. I babysat for a girl who was lactose in tolerate and instead of ice cream she ate frozen cool-whip.

    I can't stand it when parents sign their kids up for a park and rec activity/team and then never show up.

  3. My girls look at fit-throwing kids with this weird look that says, "If you had my momma, you wouldn't do that!" My 9 year old says they "get on her nerves." I pity the child as much as the parent.

  4. I cringe at the misuse of "their" and "there" and "they're". I am such a snob!

    Eating cheese and dairy is difficult to stop because it's so EASY to reach for cheese! You need to go to the store and stock up on roast beef slices and peanut butter for sandwiches, and stop eating cereal. Get into the habit of reaching for something non-dairy. Add other fat to the diet because a child's brain needs fat to coat those neurons. Sandwiches can be wonderfully dairy-free: hard-boiled egg, tuna, chicken, hummous. We are enthusiastic (if messy)sandwich-makers around here! I bet the whole family would benefit from cutting down, I know we have. Look up recipes online. Good luck!

  5. Non-Dairy girl to the rescue!!

    Not that I don't live in awe of the entire state of Wisconsin and in constant gratitude for their tremendous contribution to the culinary world...

    But my sister is Vegan.

    That means I have secret knowledge.

    I suggest developing a taste for hummus. It's so yummy, and it replaces many soft cheeses and all dairy-based dips in our diet. We make it home-made, and my kids flip for it.

    If you look in the health food section of the grocery store, there are soy "cheeses" that do their best to approximate the taste and feel of the original. Control your expectations, though.

    If your family isn't sensitive to ethnic foods, try foods from regions where people don't dairy, either. Indian food, Asian food, and foods from the middle east might provide some substitutes you and Team Testosterone could stomach. (If you're interested, email me and I'll recommend some cookbooks/websites.)

    As for other cringe-inducing items:

    The reading on the scale when I way myself after the Christmas Holiday.

    My bank balance after aforementioned Christmas Holiday.

    My mother-in-law's decorating advice.

    :D - Julia

  6. No connection between Swine Flu and eating pork - so enjoy the bacon, anyway. :)

  7. Mmmm, cheese. I think I might die if I went without dairy. Hope the sacrifice will be worthwhile.

    Cringe-inducing? Those moments when something I am thinking, but really ought not to be, streams live out of my mouth.

  8. I can't stand dirty fingernails!

    I can't imagine a dairy-free life. I simply can't.

  9. goat's milk is really good for you -
    better than cow's milk....
    have you tried that?

    and long toenails....EEEWWWW...especially when they are fungus infested...sometimes, in this flip flop season - oh man - it takes quite a bit to 'keep it back' if you kwim.

  10. Mid-West Mom is right--- Asians do not have dairy in their diet. I should know, being of Chinese ancestry on my mom's side.
    If he doesn't already like Chinese food, I'll bet Mr. T would be willing to give it a try knowing it's what Bruce Lee ate.... Or is Bruce old school? ;)

  11. I can't stand long nails on men. Yuck.
    And seeing people's underwear with low rise jeans.

    Oh, and the phrase, "Look it." That one drives me nuts!!

  12. There are so many, many things that make me cringe.

    -Misspelled words (esp when I do it)

    -Misuse of to, two, and too (and the theres)

    -Visible boogies

    -People who do not wash their hands after visiting the bathroom. Ugh.

    I could go on and on.


  13. I've heard lots about kids benefitting from dairy free diets. Gavin is lactose intolerant, at least as far as cow's milk goes. So we buy Lactaid and he likes it. So far he does Ok with cheese and yogurt but perhaps there isn't as much milk in them?

    I hate long nails on men, too!

  14. Lactose Intolerance - :( sorry 'cause I love cheese.

  15. I have a child who's allergic to dairy. It hasn't been too too tough to feed him.

  16. My daughter is allergic to cow and goat milk and soy (as well as a plethora of other things) and she eats rice cheese. I don't know how someone who has already had real cheese before will do with it though because even the dog won't eat it. There are also little packets Chreese that go over pretty well with her. http://www.chreese.com/reo_shop_chreese.itml

  17. Seeing thick, crusty, yellow toenails on people wearing sandals. Ick.

  18. Little Guy's girlfriend recently went on a dairy-free diet. Her parents think it's helping (she has autism and some other difficulties).

    She brought some of her own snacks over and offered me a taste of soy cheese. It really wasn't too bad.

  19. What position does Mr. D play on his baseball team?


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