Monday, May 4, 2009

risky business

Head over to Canned Laughter where TX Poppet has posted the Reading Is Sexy meme--it's good stuff from a fellow bibliophile!

I lost myself at Boy Scout camp this weekend--well, I got lost. First, Mr. D's GPS sent me on the most twisted, circuitous route possible. I actually drove in two entire circles, seeing more of Waupaca County than I ever knew possible. Once there, I drove along miles of dirt roads where I saw nothing but empty picnic tables propped against trees and I heard nothing but the wind through the pines. The campground covered acres of forest and there were no signs of civilization other than the occasional blue arrow nailed to a tree--though where the blue arrows led I've still no clue.

Eventually I found a huge ditch where about 50 cars were parked. Surely people were nearby! I parked, got out and started walking. And walking. And walking. I couldn't even smell campfire smoke or hear the shouts of over 300 Cub Scout/Webelos who were allegedly at this campground. The road twisted, forked, turned and forked again. The theme music from every scary movie ran through my mind, but I found the fear of isolation more threatening than a sudden attack. At least if I was attacked, I wouldn't be alone. Plus I have all my mad karate skillz to pull me through, right? At one point I called Mr. D (cell phone reception and a full battery!). I thought I heard voices while telling him how nerve-wracking the experience was. It turned out to be the TV Mr. D was watching at home. A two-mile hike later (at which point I was certain I probably couldn't find the parking spot where I left my ride out) I took this picture to document where I was:Yes, I saw this for about 40 minutes before I found another person.

Obviously I found Mr. T before I got panicky enough to call Search and Rescue and we enjoyed the latest series of Rituals in Scouting together.Relief flooded through me when I saw Mr. T's smiling face.

And if that wasn't enough of a thrill this weekend, I planted zinnias in the front flower bed--a huge chance because nobody plants before Mother's Day around here. I know, I'm a foolish girl.


  1. Did you see The Blair Witch Project? That movie still freaks me out...

    we don't plant anything here until after mother's day too - must be the rule in our similar climate zones!

  2. Yep, all I can think of is The Blair Witch Project.

  3. Mother's Day? Heh! We don't plant until May Long Weekend (aka Memorial Day in the US) up here in Canada... grrrr.... zinnias! That sounds nice.

    I am wavering between one vote ahead and one vote behind in Iron Cupcake:Earth. Voting ends in 1.5 hours, it's killing me.

  4. We got the garden in this weekend - about two weeks later than usual. Counting down the days until the first tomato...

  5. You're a brave woman--Boy Scouts and early gardening in the same weekend.

  6. I had marked your post "What was Lost" unread because I didn't have time to give it my full attention.

    So I read that one then this one. And laughed because YOU were lost.


    Thanks for the book recommendation. I so need something new.

  7. I NEVER watch scary movies. I'm a wimp. So glad you found yourself!

  8. Oh my gosh! What a trek! Sheesh. So glad you didn't have to call the search and rescue. :)

    Before Mother's Day? Man, that is risky. We usually wait until Memorial Day weekend. I guess we just aren't risk takers. ;)

  9. Scary.
    Back in the Dark Ages when I was in college, I took orienteering as a PE course. It didn't do anything to improve my sense of direction, but I did meet a lot of cute boys.

  10. You know I'm a couple of hours south of you... so take this with a grain of salt...

    I have zinnias that have self-sown from last year's crop. Can you imagine that?!?? Volunteers! It's mind-blowing. (Why do I feel like I should knock on wood?)

    What variety do you grow? Mine are State Fair. They are colorful and happy and grow taller than me! (My kids love that.)

    Next time, bring a bottle of water and a compass... Be Prepared! ;D

    - Julia

  11. p.s. Yellow looks good on you, Green Girl. It's one of my favorite colors.

  12. Wow..I haven't commented in awhile. Congrats to your youngest on starting karate! Thanks for the recommended reading...and you aren't the only one with ADD who has to read two books at once. And glad you found your boy scout without any encounters with the Blair Witch! :)

  13. Those woods would have gotten to me, too! At least you had such a cutie-pie Scout waiting for you at the end of it all!

    Can't wait to see a snap of those zinnia's when they bloom!

  14. I call that an optimist-planting early.

  15. Picked up "What Was Lost", and so far I am entirely glad to be lost in it. Thanks!

  16. Sounds a little Twilight Zone to me... So everyone was not parked 40 minutes away from the campsite, right?--- it was just the dang GPS.

    Mt. T sure looks official in all his boy scoutiness!


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