Tuesday, May 12, 2009

rock/hard place

Yesterday morning I was ignoring Mr. B (he wanted me to make him chocolate milk, I wanted him to clean up his toys--a classic stand off). The phone rang and Joy! it was my younger sister with her annual Mother's Day rant. She's had 3 kids but hasn't had custody of any of them for at least a decade. She never sees the 2 who live with their dad, the other was adopted by my parents (and that whole situation is another story of Awkward Moments). Anyway, she wanted to whine about how "just because she doesn't have her kids, it doesn't make her any less of a mother." Uh-huh. According to her, biology should be the only criteria for Mother's Day. And she should be treated equally to all other mothers, like, say, I don't know--maybe ME. A mother who packs lunches, remembers field trip money, helps with homework, signs forms, washes clothes, drives to baseball practice, tucks in every night, rouses in time for school every morning, reads stories, bandages flesh wounds, soothes feelings, referees fights, finds missing pieces, cleans up, cooks up, buttons up, zips up, tightens up, cheers up, wipes up, and shuts up 24/7.
Every year I get to listen to her while keeping quiet--because I know if I got started with my rebuttal, we'd probably never speak to each other again.
But this year was special. Her phone call was interrupted by my door bell. I cut her short to answer it. Saved, right?
There stood the Jehovah's Witnesses with the latest editions of The Watchtower and an invitation to their upcoming revival.


  1. My sister does it all solo. I think she deserves a Purple Heart every Mother's Day.

  2. Out of the frying pan, into the fire.

    You are a saint for listening to your sister without comment.

  3. I'm amazed you can listen to hear and say nothing.

    You're sister and my sister sound as if they have the same issues.

  4. You deserve an award for listening every year without saying anything in return!

  5. Classic. Absolutely classic. I guess someone was trying to throw in a little, "and now for something completely different" to keep it all in perspective??? Maybe get you laughing. Or crying. Laughing's better, though, right?

  6. So did you go to the revival? just kidding. ;)

    It would probably be hard for me to not say anything...and your grace may be what turns her around someday.

  7. Oh that sucks. Maybe you should just not answer the phone on Mother's Day. That would be a treat and a half.

    You're a saint for not saying anything, but I can understand the desire.

    I hope your Mother's Day was great otherwise, and I hope that you won that stand-off with Mr. B at least.


  8. ... so I'm waiting to see whether you told your sister that the person at the door needed to speak with her.

    Or maybe you just gave them your sister's name and address so that she could receive a copy of Watchtower??

    You didn't? Well, there's always next year. ;D

    - Julia

  9. Bravo to you for staying silent--I'm sure it's very difficult, but as you said, likely for the best. Happy Mother' Day. :)

  10. I'm so glad Motherhood isn't just about biology. Otherwise those comments about "who is their 'real' mother?" or "are they 'real' sister and brother?" would be more than just insulting...


  11. Excuse me for laughing and laughing and laughing!

  12. Our JWs brought treats, but yours brought at least a sort of salvation. There you go.
    By the way, I was tickled to have a guest over this weekend who mentioned that she enjoys your blog. Aren't you the one?

  13. I might still prefer to talk to a JW rather than a complaining sibling. At least you can physically slam the door.

  14. The best.


    Oh yes this is.


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