Friday, May 15, 2009

sure sign of summertime

I've written about Mr. D's annual awesome summer gift to me before. (Click and read if you need the backstory, new readers--it was a short entry.) Tonight our new hire is coming by the house to meet me and review our contract. I've printed a schedule for him to look over. I've listed his responsiblities, ranging from child care to weed extermination, window washing to tree clearing. We'll hammer out the fine print issues (will I feed him lunch or will he take care of his own? what flavor Gatorade should I stock in the fridge? when will he be out of town for baseball/football camps?) and discuss the big projects (we'll dig up and replant the strawberry patch). Mr. D will show him around the house, paying special attention to the basement where the new hire will take batting practice at the end of every workday (yes, my husband always has ulterior motives). The children will adore him and adopt him as their own, Mr. G will probably cling to him like a deranged spider monkey.
But one questions remains: what shall I call this new character in my blog? The last two years we had "Lefty," so named for his pitching. This kid hits the ball pretty well, he's vying for the best stats on the team this season. I cannot recall for the life of me what position he plays on the field, so that's no help. Leave your suggestions and I'll use the winning nickname for him all summer long.
And for fun, tell me your favorite summertime present!


  1. I'm going with Champ here.

  2. Is he a Righty? He could be RHM for Right-Hand(y)-Man

    Do you make him skim leaves out of the pool?

  3. For some reason, the idea of calling all of them 'Lefty' cracks me up.

  4. I like Violet's idea -- number them Lefty 1, Lefty 2, etc.

    Or you could call him "Nuke." (Tim Robbins' character in "Bull Durham.")

  5. MLH-For Mama's Lil' Helper

    He won't be reading this, right?

  6. I'm for the Manny.

    Especially when I'm admiring him in the punkin patch from my kitchen window. In a totally non creepy way, of course.

    Thank god Farmer trimmed the apple trees.....a better view!

  7. Here's the list fresh from the suggest-o-mattic...

    or the butler

    As for favorite summer gifts, two years ago, hubby got a slip-n-slide for the family. Super-fun. But my favorite has to be the arbor he built for me that same year. I designed it and stained the pieces before he assembled it, but he built it and it is *beautiful*.

    - Julia

  8. Slammer.


    I wish I got a summer present. ;-)

  9. I am jealous.
    Homer? Sluggo? Hank Errand?
    I can't think today.

  10. What kind of child labor camp you running??? I am jeallllllous.

    I come from the school where you have to earn a nickname, so am absolutely no help here.

  11. I like Manny,too, makes you sound so progressive and chic! Lefty 2, 3 and 4 is cute. Bat boy? Skimmer?
    What color is is hair? Sandy?

    Fave summer gift: this year we're renting rooms right on the ocean at the Outer Banks for four days with our family including the Grands. Can't wait!

  12. I have no suggestions for names and no idea what Gatorade is but I do think you must have been very very good in a previous life to be given this present every summer. Would he pop over to Scotland to paint my outside woodwork, do you think? I'm sure I could find some sustenance for him. Barr's Irn Bru, for example. Haggis. That sort of thing.

  13. Lefty. Works for me! Amby Dextrous doesn't have the same ring to it.

  14. I got nothin'. So I'll just chime in to approve of sticking with Lefty, or if you absolutely must break with tradition to differentiate, then Homer or Manny.
    I don't think I have had a summer gift. This could be the start of something beautiful around here.

  15. Friday, for Man Friday--- and he's showing up for the first today, Friday.

    If the kid's a big guy, I've always liked the nickname, Tank.

  16. I like Adrienne's suggestion - go for Homer! (Cuz I'll think 'Simpson' when I read it and will hear his MMMMMM...DOOONUTS voice in my head.)

    Where does one get such an errand boy? Would just LOVE to get me that matches each pair of shoes I own...bwa-ha-ha-ha-ha! Oh darling I'm SO amusing...(see my pearls?!?)

    OK, seriously, we never *did* talk about your blog design, did we? I'm so me if you still need help!

  17. I like Slugger. It has a tough vibe.

  18. Lots of suggestions here and i like them all. Not much help am i?!

  19. That does sound like an awesome gift! Now I'm jealous.

    I really like Champ and Hank Errand (that's hilarious), but I also like Huck (for some reason, your descriptions made me think of Huck Finn and Tom Sawyer). Or what about Grand Slam? Pinch Hitter? Cracker Jack?

  20. I don't know what to call him, but I sure would like one of him.

  21. Batty.
    though hopefully he's not.

  22. How 'bout "Hitter"? Slugger is good, but someone else already suggested that one.

    I need to find a gig like that for my son!

  23. You should call them ALL Lefty like Violet said but just add the year to the end.
    So Lefty '09 would be this year and last years guy would be
    Lefty '08 and etc. Because someday, when you are 90 years young these "Boys of Summer" are gonna throw you a whop-doodlerific party.Think how easy it will be to remember each one with this cataloging technique...LOL!

  24. There's always Crash (another Bull Durham reference). But only if he won't be driving any of your vehicles. ;-)

    I can't think of a summer present I've ever gotten, but I have my heart set on a kayak...


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