Wednesday, May 13, 2009

we'll have a ball this season

I promise tomorrow to talk about something besides motherhood (which I seem to dwell on incessantly this week)--but this takes the cake:
Two weeks ago Mr. D takes a message while I'm at karate and writes on the calendar: Mr. B soccer practice 5:30. Duly noted, I press him for more information, but am told "A woman called--that's all she told me."
So last night I fed kids, supervised homework, geared up Mr. G for karate and Mr. B for his first soccer practice (choosing to blow off his THIRD t-ball practice of the season--Listen, buddy, it's t-ball, not the World Series. They have to what? Know which direction to run after hitting a ball off a tee. Big whup. Give it a break, coach!). Mr. D was at his team's practice so I drove the circuit to drop Bachelor #3, drop Bachelor #2, pick up Bachelor #3, pick up Bachelor #2.
We arrived at the soccer fields to see 7 teams practicing and my fuel light went on in the Momvan. Ruling out the teams with girls and kids older than 6, I approached a team with boys from Mr. B's class and introduced us. The coach was really cool, I hung around for the parent talk, collected my schedule, agreed to a half hour practice this Saturday morning and ran out to retrieve Mr. G (who, as it turned out, broke his first wood board in karate with a back leg front kick and was totally geeked).
Buckle in Mr. G, fill up the Momvan with gas, return to the soccer fields. Am happy to see Mr. B's best friend is on his team, chat up the other parents and coach a little more and then the coach starts handing out t-shirts.
All the t-shirts are handed out and Mr. B's just standing there. Without one. Because his name is not on this team's roster. "I've been calling your son 'Paul' this whole time!" the coach tells me. Turns out 'Paul' is on this team but didn't show up for practice. Hence the coach's not even questioning Mr. B's presence until the end of practice.
I dropped off my kid to practice with the wrong team. And we still don't know which team he's on. I quizzed Mr. D--"Did the person who called mention like a color or maybe a name like Mars or Pluto?" Nope.
You know what this means. I have to call the director of youth soccer--you know, the guy I just called 2 weeks ago to explain that I'd help but won't be a head coach and try to sort this mess out.


  1. I once dropped my youngest son, at my oldest son's practice. He kept saying "they look really big."

    I said, "Just GO!"


    Had to go back and pick him up - it was a one-two-switcheroo.

  2. What an odd system. Here, we get emails with complete details, including team roster, game schedule, coach info, etc.

  3. All that juggling, driving, remembering stuff was hard with 2 kids. I can't imagine 3.

    I spent many years making a big loop from home to the dance studio to the KungFu school to the grocery store, then starting the pick-up routine.

    I often napped in the car in one of the parking lots.

  4. Oh, no. :}

    Poor little guy. Don't worry, though, you should've been operating with more information.

    I say, Have the Mr. make the call.

    (But I'm such a hard a$$, right?)

    - Julia

    ps - Woot! Way to go breaking that board!! Awesome. :)

  5. The coach calling him "Paul" didn't ring a bell? Too funny!

  6. I'm agreeing w/ Jen... how's that supposed to work? ;)

    Oooo, that board-breaking thing sounds so cool!

  7. Ha!
    That's so funny. This kind of thing used to happen to me ALL the time when my big kids were younger. Three is just tricky to manage. At least I'm blaming it on that.

  8. Funny! Maybe Paul showed up for B's practice by mistake.

  9. Or... Mr. B could use "Paul" like a stage name for sports.

  10. See. If you would have been a head coach, this wouldn't have happened.

    {{ducking and running}}

  11. Right about now, the youth soccer organizer should be really glad you didn't want to be a head coach, right?

    I mean, you'd have your team kicking into the wrong goal and stuff.

    (I write such things because you are my hero)

  12. Some days (weeks)are like that, aren't they...?

    Good luck on finding the correct team!

  13. We're just gearing up for coach-pitch here, but luckily my husband's a coach so I don't have to worry too much about those little mishaps...I don't think.

  14. I just became a soccer mom this week. It's been interesting. I KNOW this kind of thing will be happening to me. A lot.


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