Wednesday, June 3, 2009


We got home too late from Mr. B's soccer game (in which he scored the first goal of the game and then another for his team in the 2nd half) and Mr. T's baseball game (in which he hit the ball TWICE and then had an embarrassingly dismal performance on the mound which pretty much wrecked everything). I let Mr. T sleep in and roused him for his 2nd to last day of school. Midway through breakfast, Mr. G joined us with a box of Life cereal and a box of Cookie Crisp which he's allowed to eat from AFTER he has eaten a healthy breakfast. Sort of like dessert. I cringed when I saw the Cookie Crisp box because I saw the future and it looked scary. I glanced at the clock and waited for it to start.
Sure enough.
Mr. T: Can I have some of that?
Me: No--you have to be at school in 5 minutes. There isn't time. Finish up and get your shoes on.
Mr. T: Can I just have a little?
Me: It will be here when you get home from school. Then you can have some. Get going.
Mr. T: But I want some now.
And so on and so forth. I swear to God my oldest is OCD about food. I bet he spends half his day worrying about when and whether he'll get to have some of the damn Cookie Crisp and the first thing he'll do when he walks in the door is head for the pantry. Wanna bet?

In other news, the space for the potager is filled in and leveled out. I'll start building the raised beds this afternoon after I spray the fruit trees (something I've never done before either, but according to all I've read I'd better learn how and do it every 2 weeks or no apples or pears for us!). Progress at last.

Look at that smooth, flat surface!

The potager site--accidentally and elegantly framed by spruce trees.


  1. Hahaha!! That must be a boy thing. My boys are constantly eating and constantly talking or thinking about eating. hehehe ;)

  2. I swear, your son and my daughter came out of the same test tube.

    Your potager looks wonderful!

  3. What's up with boys being fixated on food?

    Glad to see that you are getting the fruit trees ready and hope you'll get to reap the "fruits" of your labor (ok, bad pun).

  4. My son eats 24/7. Of course, there are days when I think am doing that same thing. Argh.

  5. Hooray! The potager is ready!!

    (That doofus who wouldn't bring the dirt can go suck eggs.)

    Sorry. I'm still bitter. Can you tell?

    As far as the food thing goes, my boys are the same. If it has to do with food, it's worth remembering.

    What's funny is that mine will finish something and then forget they finished it. Then they'll accuse my husband of eating it while they were asleep.

    :) It's pretty funny.

    - Julia

  6. That IS a nice shot of the dump truck! I'll bet there are lots of families out there who have a youngster who is extremely focused on cereal or something else special.

  7. Hungry boys - obsessed boys. What's the difference?

  8. Is cookie crisp good? I've never tried it...but I'm willing!

    Good for you on the potager coming together. Just one question: just when do you sleep????

  9. Have fun planting! We returned from our trip to find lettuce ready to harvest, cucumbers fattening up on the vine, and the foxglove in full bloom. On a sadder note, the spiders and ants took advantage of our absence to party in the house. Ugh.

  10. A new word to add to my limited, a whole truck of black dirt, what fun.Keep us posted on what you are growing in the potager.

  11. It's already beautiful - now, I want a "green"house - pun intended. But I've always wanted one. I'm going to ask my husband to build me a small glass building out back.

    Here's me, keeping my fingers X'd.


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