Tuesday, June 30, 2009


* all the laundry is done
* and smells like fresh air and sunshine because of clotheslines!
* 3 children sleeping in
* freshly bathed and one covered in faux tattoos
* a budget talk with Mr. D that ended in laughter
* lilies, daisies, irises & delphiniums in bloom
* green tomatoes and blossoms on the bean plants
* a pile of papers read & recycled
* sparkling clean bathrooms
* open days on the calendar

* time, a book, a hammock, a porch

What's satisfying you lately?


  1. 1. A great walk this morning.

    2. Tomatoes ripening on the vine.

    3. A budget talk with Pete that, while it didn't end in laughter like yours, did end in a plan that satisfies us both.

  2. 1. Two last days of preschool for the youngest so I have two mornings with my big boys,
    2. Cabinets full of food,
    3. At least the eggplants are left in the garden by the deer (they ate everything else),
    4. blueberry season,
    5. Laundry is caught up and house, while not clean, doesn't look too terrible,
    6. Coffee after a night of almost no sleep.

  3. Writing and more writing. . .

    Working out in the garden.

    Sunshine on my shoulders - sounds like an old song ;-)

    BTW: Love your new banner - they just keep getting better.

  4. I can't get none..... uh no no no!
    I'm tryin to watch TV...and this man comes on and tells me how white my shirts should be! But he can't be a man, cause he doesn't smoke the same cigarettes as me.

    j/k you know I don't smoke.
    Laundry makes me happy, too.

  5. A new running regime that is making it fun again.

    Summer. In the City.

    Text communications with Mr. Hot.

  6. Wii yoga

    Outings with friends

    Ditto with the tomatoes!

  7. A budget talk that ended in laughter? What are you people smoking over there!?

  8. A tasty, super easy blueberry-lemon coffeecake.

    Countdown to Lake Geneva - I should arrive there in approximately 75 hours.

    Beautiful, gorgeous, fabulous weather. Hot sun, cool breeze, open windows at night.

    This looks like the start of a new GiST...

  9. Listening to the kids laugh instead of fight

  10. Geez...I'm gonna have to dig deep! Let's see...
    1) threw a successful party this past weekend
    2) eating healthy today for lunch
    3) its a short work week
    4) knowing my family loves me :-)

  11. Covered in faux tats? I hope you have plenty of photos for remembrance. So cute.

    Yarn is making me happy. I wish I had a yarn store. ;)

  12. Goodness! You came back from writer's getaway fired up for domestic activities!

  13. Wow, what a great list. I will try not to hate you.
    Just kidding, sort of.

    Today my list would include
    1. A great cup of coffee now, which I will later pay for, since it's after dinnertime.
    2. I did not murder my boys when they danced all over my last nerve today.
    3. A dinner out with the girls a few nights ago.
    4. Tanner the Slobber Dog asleep at my feet, with no apparent intestinal distress after eating the entire package of sausage the other day.

  14. 1. Not having to make sack lunches
    2.Seeing the new Woody Allen movie with my daughter (just so so)
    3.Turning off the ac and opening windows
    4.The patch of skin under my watch band that didn't get a mosquito bite!

  15. Clean bathrooms?? Hey...do you mind coming to my house next?

  16. Satisfying things of late:

    1.I'm blogging on Screw Iowa

    2.And I'm blogging more on ninsthewriter!

    3.Nico and Katie are home from the honeymoon and called me

    4.the nip on Otto's ear wasn't bad

    5. I'm going to make rolled stuffed Dover sole tomorrow night

    6. the house is clean and I've done 7 washloads since Saturday

    7. I'm reading a decent book by Jennifer Cody Epstein

    8. I heard from rosalie and she'll give me her critque of my novel next weekend.

    9. reading your blog

    10. Seeing the movie Code tonight and Nothing But the Truth yesterday

    11. July 1st is the anniversary of my father's death, and I still feel so loved from afar! I danced with him ain a dream last week.

    12. an excerpt from my novel, The Summer Palace, is published on www.sourthernwromensreview.com along with Marni Graff's nonficiton.

    13. Reading Dennis Lehane's book review on "the Secret Speech"

    14. knowing I have a dear freind in Wisconsin who has a busy life, and keeps on trucking with her writing despite it all! You're an inspiration to us all.

  17. The seeds have (mostly) stopped falling from the trees so the pool can stay clean for longer than 30 minutes.

    I had the sweetest corn on the cob, ever.

    I was somehow easily rid of the giant zit on my nose... *glamorous tossing of hair*

    That's it for me.

  18. Would you believe I'm writing about a wanna-be Ninja: MG manuscript

  19. MG = middle grade but that's not middle school - two different things. Just to keep us writers on our toes - or maybe that should be finger tips.



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