Friday, July 3, 2009

bombs bursting in air

Normally every night sounds like a war zone for the 2 weeks surrounding the Fourth when you live out in the country. Illegal imported fireworks abound--and every redneck worth his coon hound is blasting them off in their back yards. Mr. D is no exception. He fancies himself a pyrotechnic and actually puts on quite a show every year. From the comfort of her back yard Green Girl can watch a show on par with most town displays--and she doen't have to fight the crowds or park two miles up the road or use portapotties.

But it's the dang neighbors--for miles around--blasting off their explosives for two solid weeks that makes her private fireworks show a dubious blessing. Until this year. Is it because the Fourth falls on a weekend? Because the weather has been unseasonably chilly? Because local law enforcement has cracked down? Whatever the reason, she's thankful this year for the Freedom From 1:00 A.M. Fireworks Festivals this year. She has enjoyed sleeping uninterrupted through the nights leading up to this weekend. Hopefully all of Green Girl's match-and-gunpowder happy neighbors express their patriotism together on Saturday like the calendar says they should. She wouldn't mind looking at a brightly lit sky in every direction Saturday night. That would make even a curmudgeonly skeptic like Green Girl feel a little national pride swelling deep in her soul. Although nothing gets her red, white and blue juices flowing as much as re-reading The Declaration of Independence every year.

Happy Independence Day!


  1. Oh, that would get on my last nerve. I need my sleep. Your own private fireworks display is a pretty cool thing though.

  2. Hee, the Saint is outside with our nephew settting off firecrackers RIGHT NOW! But it's 1:00 PM. ;)

  3. I too enjoy a reading of the D of I every once a while.

    These neighbors will also be setting off 'works on Saturday night only. You aren't the only curmudgeon in the 'hood who gets annoyed with the random fireworks shows.

  4. I loved being able to do our own 4th of July fireworks when we lived in the middle of nowhere. My dad would get all giggly at the thought of shooting stuff off.

    Happy 4th!


  5. I'm so with you. But here in Duluth tonight, every Moe with matches is out, interrupting my peace.


  6. Oh mah holy hell, the same thing here. We've been prepared for three weeks now to hear them, and...nothing.

    My guess is tonight? It's on. ;-0

    Happy 4th to you and all of Team Testosterone.

  7. Happy fourth! We'll set off a few cheap spinning things tonight. The neighbors go a little nuts; we'll just watch. :)

  8. What a beautiful picture - I'm jealous of those fireworks. We had to head home early from Central Oregon 'cause they don't allow fireworks over there - too afraid things will catch fire. But here in P,O we got our share. But I didn't get any photos like yours. :(


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