Monday, July 6, 2009

the dishwasher is full

Just to be clear: I don't cook. I don't cook well. I don't cook inspired. I don't enjoy cooking and I don't enjoy the clean up that follows cooking. I don't like to shop, therefore I don't like to shop for groceries. If I were wicked wealthy I'd hire a cook before I'd hire a housekeeper.

That said, I love to eat. I watch Diners, Drive-ins and Dives, Good Eats, and Ace of Cakes because they have more to do with eating than with food preparation.

It's a rock and a hard place--I'm lazy in the kitchen, so I'm prone to peanut butter sandwiches, crackers and yogurt before I'll whip up something delicious. I'll starve my taste buds out of laziness. Making something to eat is such a chore that eating becomes a chore.

But last night?

Last night I overcame and served up a wonderful meal. We had friends over for fireworks, swimming and grilling--Mr. D prepared a pork tenderloin that tasted moist and smokey and ... actually, Mr. D cooked the meat, so let's give him credit there. I contributed my Famous Cornbread (sweet and a little crisp on top, buttery and warm), fruit salad (yeah, the fruit does all the work, I can take no credit--but the tartness of the grapes perfectly balanced the sweetness of the blueberries), green salad (again, the veg does all the work, I only chop and slice, but the salad was crisp and light and crunchy) and Berry Berry Pie with raspberries straight out of the patch.

I ate seconds of everything except the pie. Before I sound too virtuous, you should know that I wanted to drink another Fat Squirrel Ale and there wasn't room for both.

It's not often that every single thing on the table tastes fantastic. Usually one or two dishes stand out, the rest are passable. Last night was one for the books.

The fireworks were pretty good, too.

Oh, go vote for my poetry here. (Sheesh, I feel ashamed asking people to vote--now it'll be about how popular I am, not how great my appliance poetry is...)


  1. I don't enjoy cooking, which is odd given how much of it I do. That said, if I had the choice, the housekeeper would be my first choice.

  2. Sounds like you had a great holiday! It also sounds like you are a great cook - too bad you don't enjoy it more. For me, it's one of those things I enjoy doing but only when I have the time to do it. And that rarely ever happens.

  3. Oh Baby. Berry Berry pie with raspberries straight from the patch? Any left? I'll be right over.

  4. I shamelessly did my part and voted for you ;)

    and I'm so glad you are enjoying the kitchen! well, at least how it feels to eat the food you made and be satisfied with the taste!!

  5. It doesn't have to be about popularity if you tell people to go vote for the one they like best!

  6. Hey there Miss Popularity. ;-)

    Everything sounds wonderful - I just had lunch but you still made my mouth water.

  7. Congratulations on your fabulous meal!

  8. Yay for fresh fruits and veggies - sometimes what makes the meal is the ingredients, not the labor.
    I'm off to read your poem.

  9. Your fireworks were amazing...we were sitting on the patio watching...Kitty was in bed or we would have walked over.

    Could you hear our applause after each round?

    And, in a future post, share the pie recipe...I'd love to try it out.

  10. Woo-hoo! A good meal is fabulous. You can be proud!!

  11. I love to cook--it's a great way to wind down at the end of the day. Don't bake much, but I do make a wicked apple pie when the fruit on our tree is ripe. I loved your poem!

  12. If I had the housekeeper it would leave me time to be a cooking fool. I don't like cooking rushed, but I do love to cook.

    Your meal sounds delicious.

  13. Oh that sounded yummy!
    I love cooking...but even I have the odd spell of not being in the mood to cook...then I get back I the groove and over compensate!

  14. There are often times when our dishwasher is full three times a day...because my husband truly loves to cook. And I let him.

  15. I wish my husband could have two wives (and, er, your husband wanted two wives...and, em, now this is all muddy, but somehow we'd each have, like, two spouses)...but what I want to say is that my husband does all our bigtime cooking and every damn single night I have to exclaim to him, "But this is COMPANY food. We should have people over right now; I can't believe you cooked this for just the two of us."

    Lest I sound gloaty, I hasten now to vote for your poetry.

  16. Ooo, I want the recipe. I'm a pie baking fool.

    So glad your 4th was fantastic.


  17. I'm gonna go vote right after this comment! :)
    If u can make cornbread and Berry Berry Pis- you can make LOTS of things! My southern-made from scratch-judgmental grandmother would be very proud!!
    And- I love Ace of Cakes and Diners, Drive Ins and Dives too! I pretty much watch the food channel most of the time when I'm watching tv.

    I need to plant some new veggies for the Fall so I can make some great stuff! Fresh stuff to bake with is PRICELESS!! :)

  18. I love to cook but hate to bake. Send some pie STAT!

  19. Dinner sounds like it was fabulous! But I'd have had seconds on the pie!

    I'll go vote for you too :-)

  20. I love to cook but I usually take the lazy way out, too, for two reasons:

    1 - I DETEST washing dishes/cleaning the kitchen. I would rather clean 10 bathrooms (maybe even gross boy bathrooms...maybe) than wash dishes.

    2 - I live alone. I don't feel like making the effort for just myself. I have not grasped the concept of cooking for one, which means whatever I make will serve a family...or me for the whole week. Sometimes that's faboo, like when I make a pan of cookie-brownies, but most of the time I don't want to eat any given dish 17 days in a row. Not to mention that there is no one to help me clean up afterward, which brings us back to #1.

  21. Awww, yay! I love it when things just come together!

  22. Am too late to vote. Rats.


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