Wednesday, July 15, 2009


July has proved to be a bountiful month so far--Mr. T went to camp and LUFFED it with his whole heart, Mr. G turned five, I mastered canning jam. Mr. B keeps kicking soccer goals, Mr. G's on the cusp of giving up his training wheels and Mr. T is taking a cooking class this week. Tiny green zucchinis have popped out of their blossoms in the garden, we're eating fresh-picked spinach for dinner and the daisies I planted two years ago are prolific beyond my wildest dreams. The raspberries show no sign of slowing and our pear trees have golfball sized fruit hanging on their branches. Let's take a walk and look at the prairie this morning. No worries, no one can see that we're still wearing bathrobes--the trees have grown enough to block the road from view.

Our prairie is totally showing off right now--over 7 flower species in bloom (here are some bee balm, coneflower, ox eye sunflower!) and all the Black-Eyed Susans I care to pick for our kitchen table.

In the midst of all this bounty there's the pressing urgency that comes with reaching summer's midpoint--friends we have to plan to see, local attractions we haven't yet enjoyed. What night will we get to the drive-in to see a movie? We've never missed a season since the drive-in opened. We need to set a date to invite our neighbors over for a party. We haven't gone to a Brewer game, Bay Beach or the Children's Museum, despite talking about it in May. I peeked ahead in our calendar to find August is full of long-standing commitments and I realized yesterday that I hadn't even cracked this month's book club read yet.

I'm not letting panic take hold.

Weeks ago I chucked my to-do list into the recycle bin, vowing to linger in the sweet shortness of summertime. No chore needs to take precedence over a water fight with my boys. The laundry, the dust, the dishes, the manuscript, the half-painted wall? Will be there tomorrow. This hot weather, this bonfire, this bag of marshmallows, this gang of boys ready for a backyard game of baseball? A limited engagement.

This year I'm ignoring the midsummer panic and I'm opting for midsummer lethargy. How about you?


  1. As I sit on the beach everyday, I, too, think about the "Stuff" waiting at home for me to do. Then I realize that "stuff" will be there when we get home. The years with the "kids" are short and they are the priority. And I like getting a good tan too.

  2. Thanks for the walk through the prairie - it's beautiful! I have a feeling I will be visiting several more times throughout the day and the rest of this week!

  3. Wow, that's gorgeous!!!!

    I hate how fast summer always goes. It was JUST the 4th of July, now it's the 15th? Um, where did the last 11 days go? I think I missed them all.

  4. You are wise!
    Summertime is my favorite time of year because I really do let go quite a bit. :)

  5. Your prairie is just gorgeous.

    This week marks the halfway point of our summer and I'm trying not to panic about how quickly time is slipping away.

  6. ...worrrddd....summer is for doing more of whatever you want, and for not having a strict agenda.....
    * ; )

  7. Nope - full on panic mode over here. BUT, we leave for vacation Saturday so it's all worth it!

  8. Prairies are total gloaty show-offs, for sure.

    I take awhile to relax into summer (there's a whole lot of togetherness...which can make me tense), but now I'm with it, and we're all about swimming holes and playdates and drinking mojitos. It's so good.

  9. Revel in the succulence of summertime--your boys will never be thsi age again. You're building a storehouse of memories for them! Enjoy yourself and take lots of pictures!

  10. Beautiful Prairie GG.

    I have a feeling the rest of my summer with spreadsheet and project planning. ;-b

  11. Amazing! Our pear tree is 4 years old and produced 2 pears last year. None this year. Not even a flower. Our peach tree produced 20-30 peaches 3 years ago, none since then until this year, and now is working on 2. Our blueberry plants were such bummers that I dug them all up. And our tomato plants have about 4 tomatoes growing total (on 3 plants). We're not doing too well in our garden....

  12. Oh, procrastination is a kind of life for me. It's good to not have plans to let things go, to just BE sometimes.

    The prairie looks fantastic!
    And Happy Belated Birthday to Mr. G.

  13. OMG! I would LOVE a prairie!!!! How great is that.

    "I'm going for a walk in the prairie." That would make me so happy :-)


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