Wednesday, August 5, 2009

european style bakery

opening in our area...

I had visions...
remembering the patisseries and bakeries of my travels in Europe...

I licked my lips and grabbed my wallet...

and we walked in to Dolce Vita--the highly touted "European Style Bakery" yesterday afternoon. Anticipation rich, my children primed with my grand descriptions of what they'd find, we looked around. The table tops were marble, the seats were leather. A flat screen TV was tuned in to CNN above a gas fireplace. The staged formal ambiance had cost a small fortune. A chalkboard above the counter listed coffees and sandwiches.

The bakery cases were nearly empty.

Inside one case were 14 "puffins" (muffins wrapped in puff pastry). I counted them. Five were chocolate, five were orange, four were carrot/raisin. (Carrot/raisin!?) I looked around, panic swelling my throat, rising in my empty belly. A few loaves of bread lay in a corner display. This was it.

No feast of delicacies.
No array of tempting sweets.
No tarts, tortes, cookies, eclairs, pies, cakes, crumbles, crisps, danishes, rolls, croissants or baklava.
Perhaps the owner thought "European Style Bakery" meant "Communist-Run Bakery During Time of Famine." She was visible through the window to the kitchen and looked kind of stark and angry. Perhaps no one suggested to her that she might invest in some inventory and skimp on the expensive decor. I cannot imagine what she was thinking.
Our chocolate puffins were kind of dry.
I'm still pretty mad about the whole fiasco.


  1. Egads, what a disappointment! If this is her business plan I doubt she’ll be open long!

  2. Could it be that she had inventory in the morning and then sold out?

  3. Ohhhh I love European style bakeries. We go to a bakery most Saturdays and sit to have coffee, chat and chew on tasty morsels - our family would have nearly wiped out their meager case :(

  4. Oh sucky!!!! Was she sold out that quickly or was it just a really sucky bakery?
    I hate it when I have really high expectations of something and it doesn't pan out. :(

    And thanks for making me hungry for bakery. Grrr.

  5. It would be very bad for me if a European-style bakery opened in my neighborhood. The German bakery where we vacation is enough--2 weeks of baker bliss!

  6. That is truly a letdown. There is little better in life than a true french bakery. We used to have one around the corner from where I live but they went out of business (not because I did not do my best to patronize them). My waistline thanked me when they closed their doors, however!

  7. Dammit, now I want something pastry-ish! But, um, not a "puffin", thankyouverymuch.

    What a disappointment! Maybe the Soviet bakery escapee was angry because she didn't get the morning delivery from Pastries R Us.

  8. Oh, oh, oh! People can't do this to pastry lovers. No way.

  9. Oh, that is a disappointment. I'm hungry for a danish, but no bakery here, not even a poorly stocked one.

  10. Bummer. I read the promos for this place, too, and thought "Wow!" Sounds like it's not wow - at least not yet.

  11. Well, I was sure jealous, remembering Spain as I went through those photos. Then I read it. I'm not so jealous now. But I think someone needs to get her on false advertising!

  12. Well that stinks...nothing like anticipating something yummy and being let down. :(

    Now I want a donut.

  13. Oh man. That is disappointing. We went to this middle-eastern restaurant that my parents praised to high heavens.

    They, apparently went on a Monday night. We went on a Friday.

    It was a completely different experience. Not a good one. Maybe Jen on the Edge nailed it?

  14. I went into one in Houston a couple of weeks ago and was depressed too! I had visions of macaroons and the amazing Laduree pastries, but no...They were all Americanized an terrible! EXCEPT for the TINY bag of chocolate macaroons they had by the register. I held it to me like it would break--SOMEBODY NEEDS to open an Authentic European Bakery in America(New York has some-I know-but nowhere else...well...'Sucre' in New Orleans, but nowhere else!!)
    ...and La Madeline's doesn't count!
    I think the person who makes that happen will have a gold mine on their hands! Most Americans don't know what a Macaroon is!- Let's you and me start one!

  15. What a bummer! Your photos are making me hungry though.

  16. maybe you need to open one yourself....

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