Wednesday, August 12, 2009

faith, trust & pixie dust

It would be sooooo easy to write a rant about computers breaking down, not finding a babysitter, houseflies, a content management system that makes me weep, the thousand things I need to do and how tired I feel but I can't sleep at night. Yet when it all adds up, it doesn't equal a mother of five fighting cancer or a soldier deployed to Iraq or defaulting on a mortgage. These are real problems. People I know experience this kind of big trouble every day. Perspective, right?

Instead I'm choosing to focus on happy little thoughts.

Inhale. Exhale. Refocus.

The fresh summer smell of laundry I'm folding--just in off the clotheslines.
The songbirds hopping and flitting about our yard in the morning.
P.G. Wodehouse's silly, witty writing.
PTA moms calling me back and agreeing to volunteer this month.
Fourteen years of marriage (today!)--most of it really good.
The Center for Health Environment & Justice's Back to School PVC-Free Guide
Children who play nicely together.
Eating tomatoes and peas in the garden under the hot sun.
Promises kept.

Spill it reader, what's your happy little thought today?


  1. Happy Anniversary - I remember the day like it was yesterday...the torrential downpour as you tried to walk from the car into the churhc - with you hair freshly done from the salon-

  2. Happy anniversary to you! Mine is tomorrow - so I understand that whole getting married in the heat and humidity thing!

  3. Happy Anniversary to you!

    It's okay to worry about small things, as long as you recognize that they're small things. the size of another person's problem doesn't make yours less important.

  4. Happy Anniversary....for better, for worse, for broken computers, for buzzing houseflies, for shared jokes, and knowing wishes for many more years of happiness.

  5. Happy Anniversary!

    Happy thoughts for the day is a house filled with the sounds of my daughter and her friend setting up their Hippie Hippie Shop. I'll be called away from my computer soon to be a customer . . .

  6. Happy Anniversary..

    I'll give you my happy thoughts...

    My hubby (although out of a job) is home, not planning a 4th year teaching 400 miles away. He'll start law school in about 3 weeks.

    The cats sleeping / fighting in the sun.

    The nice view from my office window as I type this.

    The fact that I can support our household with just a bit more hard work -- and my job is very secure.

  7. Good for you for refocusing--it is so hard to do sometimes isn't it when you feel your absolute top is about to blow from the thousands of little things against you that add up to a very substantial feeling of irritation. The only thing to do is count your blessings, I agree. I LOVE P.G. Wodehouse, btw! And fourteen years of marriage is no small feat, congratulations. I hope you have an amazing day...

  8. I've had a sore throat, bad cough for a few days - starting to feel better :)

    Is that enough?...

    Ohhhhhh and Happy Anniversary!

  9. Like you I concentrate on the small things that make me happy:

    Picking fresh cherry tomatoes off the vine. Divine!

    Smelling the laundry on the line.Divine.

    Smelling the freshly cut grass.Divine!

    I don't need much to feel happy.

  10. I took a super long walk with the boys today (yes, I'm crazy) and it was lovely. We picked pretty rocks at the lake and took a good long time getting home. Thankfully there were plenty of benches for me to stop and rest at on the way home. :)

    Happy Anniversary!!!!!!!

  11. Happy Anniversary! I think that is my happy little thought today - that people really do have happy, long-lasting marriages. :)

    I'm hard-pressed to come up with anything else today. It's one of THOSE days and the curmudgeon is not staying politely in her dungeon.

  12. Happy anniversary!

    Happy thought for today is that I cleaned up my kitchen garden and started preparing for fall planting. I even put in a few cauliflower plants!

  13. My happy little thought? Going home tomorrow. ;-)

  14. Happy Anniversary!

    My happy thought for today - calm flat water with the mist rising off it as the run rises and turns the mist a golden color. Makes for an amazing row.

  15. hhhmmm, my happy little thought for today is there is NOTHING written on the calendar for the day...we can do whatever we want. It's days like these, that I just like to see how they unfold.

  16. Congratulations and best wishes for many more!


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