Sunday, August 30, 2009

getting the lead out

* We're back from vacation and we only spent money on consumable things--mini golf, ice cream, bait, beer, pizza, pontoon rental.* We brought home some rocks, shells and photographs and I did every thing** I set out to do during the week.
From the sounds of your comments,

* Hoo boy did I read last week. I finished 7 books! A new record since I had kids!

* Team Testosterone teetered over the brink of eating junk food and having no structure or schedule. I'm reeling them in slow and steady, adhering to an early bedtime and early wake up, stuffing them full of broccoli and oranges, forcing them to do chores.

* Mr. D sometimes watches Sons of Anarchy--it's brutally violent. He switched it off mid-scene the other night because I think he got a little disturbed. I explained that the gun introduced in the scene
would go off. It was only a question of who would get shot. "It's a rule when writing," I told him. "You can't have a gun in a scene if it doesn't get used." (Thanks for teaching me that rule, Nina!) After considering this for a moment, he turned the TV back on and sure enough, the gun went off. Twice. Then Mr. D lay awake watching through the end.
"It's over now, right?" I asked.
"I just want to see the previews for the next episode."
"I'm guessing they'll ride motorcycles really fast, shoot guns and somebody gets beat up. Just a wild guess."

These bad guys like the get the lead out.

* After spending 2 hours rigorously laboring upstairs, Team Testosterone's rooms are put to order, I got rid of 3 boxes of crappe and found a long-overdue library book--a huge victory.

* Happyland PTA's playground project will be finished TODAY! It's all over but the shouting--of children playing on the new equipment, that is.

* Last night's 3 mile run wasn't pretty. I slogged it out, but a week of sitting on my arse definitely caught up with me. My feet felt leaden. The first mile was great, the second had me sucking wind, the third had me whimpering for mercy. Feel free to create any life metaphor from this--dating, childbirth, new job...

* The backpacks are packed for Tuesday and I have to wonder why my 1st grader needs 10 glue sticks, 3 boxes of crayons, 3 boxes of magic markers and 24 no. 2 pencils. His older brother only needs 20 pencils in 5th grade and one imagines he'd have more use for all that lead than Mr. B...

Will Mr. B get this much lead out in 1st grade?

* And speaking of school supplies, I have NO idea how we came to have a dozen packages of looseleaf paper.

* Am I the only woman with champagne chilling for that first day of school? I have grand plans for my 2 hours and 40 minutes of free time every afternoon when Mr. G is at pre-K.

* Of course, if it's 80 degrees, I plan to float in the pool ALONE all afternoon.

*Hope, that pontoon image is just for you--your comment cracked me up.
** Including waxing Mr. D in cribbage. More than once, thankyouverymuch.


  1. Hell, I have champagne chilling for an hour from now--just 'cause it's an hour from now.

    Oh, and what a coup on the find of the lost library book! I know that feeling.

    Fingers crossed for a good pool float. I still have ALMOST TWO WEEKS before my kids go back.

  2. Because, when loose leaf paper goes on sale for .19 cents per package, you grab a bunch, don't you? That's my problem. Then I forget that I "stocked up" just in time for the next sale.

  3. I ended up with four reams of computer paper. :-) I don't think I've read 7 books in 7 jealous.

  4. and the seven books were ...?

  5. Last week, there was floating in the pool sans offspring twice here. It's a beautiful thing.

  6. welcome back from vacation!!! And enjoy every minute little guy is in goes by QUICK!!!

  7. Good luck with getting everyone back on schedule. We've been back in school for a week and we're only just now adjusting.

  8. Whoo-Hoo back to school!

    My daughter starts classes today. My son doesn't go back to UofO until the end of September - that's the difference between public school and private, here in Oregon.

  9. Yeah, and what books did you read?

    7 is amazing in one week!!!

  10. The champagne sounds great...only I head back to classes the same day as my offspring. It is probably bad form to show up to my human services class tipsy on champagne, right? Sigh. Well have fun...and I want to hear more about all those books you read.

  11. In our neighborhood, we would put the kids on the bus for the first day of school, do the Happy Mommy Dance and then go out for breakfast.

    I hope your pool is heated, because isn't it getting down into the
    40's at night?

  12. I cannot believe you read seven books--you are my idol! I am proud when I read one a year (since kids, and honestly mostly pre kids, too)

  13. 24 pencils for a 1st grader that aren't the fat kind? That IS a lot of lead :-)

    Enjoy your quiet time!


  14. Enjoy the pool time!

    We have bins full of pencils with teethmarks and no erasers that are crap for writing. That's why they need so darn many of them...

  15. *heehee!* Thanks, Greenie! You have widened my world once again with new knowledge!
    * : )

  16. I too have to start school tomorrow..but as the teacher. I have been pouting all day about going back. Enjoy your freedom tomorrow...

    How about telling all your readers what 7 books you read this past week.

  17. Lethargy is also known as intellectual down time, pre-writing time, boosting your battery time--I could go on and on. No one deserved it more than you, GG~glad you got to have it.

    Champers is a must.

    Which of your 7 books was your fave?

  18. Congratulations on graduating to Mom with kids in school--have fun with those hours home alone. I can't wait to see how much you write!

  19. i will never cease to be amazed at the school supply lists.....

  20. Aw, it's back to school already! This summer just evaporated...

    And yes: what were the seven books?

  21. SEVEN books? Oh - bliss! I expect book reports.

  22. I would like to remind you that my boys haven't been to school SINCE MARCH!!!!!!! I have a date with my friend Cherise in Bournemouth, for the first day my kids go to school... For a loooong lunch! We may have to get a taxi for the kids.

  23. And seven books?! You beat my holiday record!

  24. SEVEN books? Holy crap that's impressive!

  25. I think it's ALMOST mandatory to go mini golfing on vacation. And it IS mandatory when you have children.

    Impressive on the books read! Good for you!


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