Monday, August 3, 2009

how was your night?

How about I blow off picking up the house and we have a beer, baby?
How bad would it be to get all this in the morning and take some time to enjoy tonight?
How's about one more chapter before I turn out the light?
How many windows did I leave open upstairs?
How much rain is coming in?
How are the boys sleeping through this storm?
How many kids can we cram into our bed during a thunderstorm?
How easy will it be to fall asleep again?
How many times must Mr. B snort and snuffle to clear his nasal passages?
How much snot can one 6-year-old produce?
How many times must Mr. G whimper?
How many hours until my alarm goes off?
How many minutes until I can fall asleep again?
How long will the storm last?
How close was that lightning strike?
How late will they sleep in?
How can they be awake already?
How am I going to get this mess cleaned up when they're always underfoot?


  1. Slept like a baby - Thanks!
    Hope you get a nap today. I know what you mean by the phlegm clearing throat noises - UGH!
    And Dear, that mess underfoot - they made it have them clean it up. I know, I know, even I clean up my kids messes. It's a bad habit.

  2. This is how one know it is almost time for one's Precious Offspring to go back to school. Then one could snatch a quick nap to recharge enough to get through the day.

  3. I slept great, which was nice. But my house looks like a kid bomb went off in every room.

  4. Hope the storm has passed - so you can send everyone outside for some fresh air...

  5. Those storms were vicious. They woke me up and kept me up for awhile, and storms don't usually do that.

  6. Good questions! I feel you although have had no thunderstorms but have hit snooze about 15 times this morning.

  7. Ohhhh we don't get a lot of thunderstorms out here in the Pacific Northwest. But it's been HOT and I'm hoping. I'd love to watch a good lightning storm. We only get one or two a year.

    Hope you get some rest.

  8. you just made me even happier that my family is at the beach and i am home alone..

    eventually they have to grow up don't they? don't they?

  9. Funny you should ask . . . Danger Boy's friend with the psycho alcoholic mother came over at 12:45 a.m. after his mother threw him out of the house and I drove him to the airport at 4 a.m.

    Yes, I am so very tired.

  10. Ugh, I don't miss children in the bed. AT ALL!

  11. How many questions do you really want answered?!

  12. zzzzzzzz......somebody bloging ?? huh ??zzzzzzzzzzz LOL

  13. Oh my dog kept me up all night thank you very much!

  14. I never sleep enough to suit me anymore. And yet, looking at the clock, you'd think that 9 hours would be enough, right?

  15. I'm familiar with SO MANY of these questions. All valid and all need answers!


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