Tuesday, August 4, 2009

i've never

rode a snowmobile
eaten haggis
won at slots
been a bridesmaid
visited Las Vegas
learned to play poker/sheephead/gin/any grown up card game other than cribbage
attended a class reunion
or a graduation, for that matter
watched American Idol
had a pedicure
successfully balanced a checkbook
made veal
skied downhill without wiping out
voted a straight Democratic ticket
felt comfortable in high heels
put sugar in my coffee
understood Sudoku
liked Renee Zellweger when she is herself, even though I always enjoy her acting
appreciated Maya Angelou
gotten a tattoo
found black and white cookies around here, yet I have a strong memory of eating them as a child

Spill it reader, what's your never?


  1. I've never:
    ridden a snowmobile
    eaten haggis
    liked lima beans, turnips, or beets
    played slots
    watched American Idol
    had a pedi or mani or a massage
    gotten a tattoo (nor will I)
    liked wine or tea

    I have:
    been a bridesmaid
    skied downhill w/o wiping out (and I used to be GOOD)
    found excellent black & white cookies here in my town
    attended a high school reunion

  2. That's it....I know you aren't one for upkeep on toenails, but we must get you a pedi soon. I LUV pedi's....happiness for your feet. And, you could get a french paint, so you don't have peeling pink nailpolish that looks odd. :)

    Whaddya think?

  3. I share several of your nevers.

    My big never is that I've never been to Europe. Hopefully that will change in the next few years.

  4. I've never...

    rode a snowmobile
    eaten haggis
    watched House
    made veal
    voted a straight ticket
    understood Sudoku (I call it crack on paper)
    liked Renee Zellweger, either!
    eaten a black & white cookie

    I've also never...

    had my own passport
    gone skinnydipping
    eaten caviar
    punched someone in the face
    given birth
    read War & Peace

    hmmmm... I might have to post one of these myself!

  5. Hmmm. I have never been to Vegas either. Or cooked veal. Also I have never watched an episode of "Desperate Housewives."

  6. Haggis rocks. Tastes just like headcheese, which my grandma called by a German word that sounded like "hot-got". We talked about it a lot this weekend!

    We share a lot of nevers. I'll have to think on this.

  7. I've never:

    Eaten Veal or Haggis
    or gotten a tattoo

  8. I have never like the outdoors.
    I have never ridden a horse or a snowmobile
    I have never ridden or driven a motorcycle.
    I have never had any desire to get a tattoo-
    I have never been out of the USA
    And I agree with Historygirlie - YOU NEED TO HAVE A PEDI. Once you have one..you will LUV it

    I have been a bridesmaid for Green Girl--We wore lovely purple dresses.

  9. Ok ~ I draw the line at not having had a pedi ~ you have to go! It's one of the least expensive pleasures a girl can give herself!!

  10. I'm with you on veal and Renee Zelweiger.

    I've never had a mani- or a pedi-

    I've never waxed or been waxed

    I've never worn white in a wedding

    I've never regretted my wedding

    I've never wanted to work

  11. I've never:

    heard of black & white cookies (unless you mean Oreos. do you? i want to know because i don't want to miss out on a new cookie to try)

    wanted to eat haggis

    missed one moment of Adam Lambert singing on American Idol

  12. I've never had a cocktail, never smoked pot, never had my ears pierced, never seen a CSI show, never jumped out of an airplane and never been off the continent. I must remedy some of these things. (But which ones?)

  13. I've never
    been to Mexico
    drunk gin
    liked apricots

  14. I've never:
    been skydiving
    traveled to Europe
    liked the taste of beer
    been swimming in the Pacific Ocean
    spent time in NYC
    mowed a lawn
    purchased a lottery ticket
    smoked a cigarette/cigar/doobie/etc
    figured out how to water ski

    That was fun. Thanks.

  15. Fun post! I share a lot of your "nevers."

    I've never:
    -touched a snake, or any other reptile.
    -had an epidural, (but gave birth four times)
    -been farther west than Colorado

  16. I've never:
    ridden a snowmobile
    got a tattoo
    had a pedi
    gone skinny dipping
    attended a high school reunion
    gone sky diving
    bungee jumped
    been arrested
    held a snake
    donated blood
    shaved my head
    participated in any organized sports
    changed a diaper until my first son was born.

  17. I've never seen snow. Had a pedicure once, they are overrated.

  18. I've never:
    visited a casino
    gone to La Vegas
    gotten a tattoo
    attended a high school reunion (although I've gone to my college reunions and enjoyed every minute!)
    gotten a manicure or pedicure
    skiid (skied?) downhill
    ridden a skateboard

  19. I wrote this post last fall and never published it :)

    I have never seen Star Wars.
    I have never done an illegal drug. I have never read any of the Harry Potter books.
    I have never been water sking.
    I have never been on a blind date.
    I have never dyed my hair.
    I have never been ice skating.
    I have never seen an entire episode of Sex and the City.
    I have never jumped off the high dive.

  20. That is a list to be proud of!
    Your Wisconsin residency status may be revoked on the snowmobile situation alone!
    Let's start a club for people who haven't seen American Idol.
    Enjoyed a mighty fine black and white cookie at LaGuardia Airport last week. If a cookie and cake had a baby- it would be a black and white cookie!
    I have never:
    enjoyed musical theater
    voted Republican
    had a housekeeper
    fed my kids bologna
    crossed a picket line

  21. Hopefully that will change in the next few years.
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Spill it, reader.