Thursday, August 13, 2009

on the occassion of their anniversary

this phone conversation took place:

Mr. D: I talked to mom today. She said I should send you flowers.
Green Girl: No! I just picked some zinnias for the table. They look pretty.
Mr. D: That's what I told mom. You have flowers everywhere. I don't need to buy you any.
Green Girl: Of course not!
Mr. D: But if you'd have hesitated in the least I'd get you some.
Green Girl: That would be silly.
Mr. D: So I'll pick up a pizza for dinner tonight?
Green Girl: I'll call it in, you go get it.

The most basic things work well and hardly ever break down. Hammers. Coffee mugs. Wool sweaters. Measuring cups. Hairbrushes. Shovels. Benches. Pillows. Spoons. Books.

Reader, what works in your world without bells, whistles, frills and fuss?


  1. Birthdays or anniversarys are not a big deal around our house. My feeling on b-days is that we all have one.
    What is a big deal? Trying to be a good person to each other everyday. Do we always achieve the goal, not always - but the charm is in the trying.

  2. We stumbled upon a great potter up in Canada. We have two of his pitchers that work perfectly, no moving parts!

    I also love the geode we use as a doorstop for the patio door. I love it because my grandfather found it for me and cut it open so I could see the crystals inside.

  3. Sometimes we make a big deal, sometimes we keep it casual. It depends. And that's how I like it.

  4. I will be honest and say that I like special days to be marked in a special way. The key is that my husband and I will talk and agree about the way we want to celebrate. So, it's the process that is simple.

    I don't believe in carrying around a lot of unspoken expectations. Neither does he. So the system works for us.

    As for no-frills simplicity around our house... I clean the kitchen floor each night with a broom and dustpan. I know that may seem behind the times, but I like the rhythm of it and the quiet efficiency.

    - Julia

  5. Every day. Rain or shine. Mad or glad. Happy or sad. He brings me a cup of coffee. :-)

  6. Awww, at Cheri's comment!

    The fact that he remembered would be enough for me :)

  7. Happy anniversary! And many, many more.

  8. my 50 yr old pressure canner, that's bubbling away on my stove right now, processing beans. I got it from a lady at work who was cleaning out her mom's basement. It looks like it survived WWII, but it's good to go!

    PS: I have a rogue watermelon growing in my garden...we haven't planted melons in a long funny! :)

  9. What works well?
    My wonderful writing group: Screw Iowa! and my incredible friendship with four women writers--smart, sassy and savvy!

    Happy anniversary to you and Big "D"! and may the coming year be filled with marvelous suprises for you both!

  10. Hello? What never lets me down? My corkscrew! ;)

  11. Coffee mugs. I get one on every special occasion. Hubs has gotten good at finding good ones for me when we're on vacation!

  12. Birthdays are a big deal around here, but not anniversaries, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, and Father's Day.

    Every day, no matter what, we here in Jenworld show each other courtesy and respect.

  13. My husband and I share our birthdays so neither one of us makes a big deal about it - but the kids do.

    Plus two of my kids share a birthday - so I think they feel cheated - at least a little :(

  14. What works well??? I cherish the scoop I use to get my coffee every was my mom''s old and worn...but when she was moving away I ended up with it, and now I think of her every morning!

  15. Happy Anniversary! Zinnias are my favorite. I'd take them over roses any day.
    What works for me? Definitely my coffee mug, brought to me by my sweetheart every morning that he's not traveling. So so nice.

  16. I still maintain my paper calendar despite the host of electronic tools that "coordinate" my schedule. Because the battery doesn't ever go all melodramatic and die at a pivotal moment in my story on the paper calendar. Because a missed appointment for a twelve year old female child can turn into a tragedy. Eesh.


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