Thursday, August 27, 2009

take a seat

Lethargy is the overriding theme of this family vacation. I sit on the beach and watch the boys play in sand and water. I sit in a rowboat and watch Mr. T row. I sit on the dock and watch the kids catch fish, occasionally lending assistance when a hook gets too deep in a bluegill's throat. I sit by the fire pit and watch the flames lick the edge of my marshmallow. I sit in a canoe and watch the shoreline drift past. I sit in a pontoon and look at all the cottages lining this giant lake--the primary feature of every shoreline property being a plethora of chairs--lawn chairs, hammocks, adirondak chairs, wood benches, swinging seats. Every. Single. Thing. about this place screams "Sit down! Take a load off!"

Sitting back.


Feeling wicked lazy.
And my butt isn't one bit sore yet.


  1. oh i love those seats!! great..xoxo jules

  2. Lethargy is a good, good thing on vacation.

  3. This took me right back to every summer vacation on Lake Nokomis. No schedule, no dress code, very few rules. there anything better?

    I just finished reading a novel by Susan Wiggs called "Summer at Willow Lake." It reminded me both of family vacations and of summer camp. Very enjoyable read - good enough that I checked out the other 4 books in Wiggs' "Lakeshore Chronicles" series before I even finished book 1.

  4. And the colors are welcoming. Looks simply Marvelous!

  5. Isn't that the whole point of the vacation? Sit down... take a load off...

    Great pictures of those seats. I can see why you're so comfortable relaxing! =)

  6. Sitting at the computer enjoying the thought of such a lovely week. That swing looks like just the place for a cup of coffee with either a good book or one's mister.


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