Friday, August 28, 2009

what floats your boat?

This week we've tried out the following:

a) paddle boat

b) canoe

c) row boat

d) kayak*

Mr. T's a rowboat fan, he's quite proud of his rowing technique. Mr. B likes the row boat, too. Mr. G and I prefer the canoe. It's elegant, light, easy to steer and the fastest of the four boats. I'd forgotten how much I enjoy canoeing in fact, and now I'm starting to reconsider my fantasy of owning a kayak one day.

Spill it, reader. What's your boat of choice? And who'd you like floating with you?

*Tom Selleck not included.


  1. I love going out for a row. There is something about being out on the water in the early morning. Very peaceful. I'd love to own one of these:

  2. I like a nice pontoon in which I always have a summery adult beverage in my hand

  3. Hello from FarmTown! Everything is great back at the Testosterone Estate, except that Kitty and I haven't seen one whisker of Violet. She's noowhere to be found. Just an FYI. The garden is awesome, pool is fine, Peace lilly is getting watered, all is good. :)

    Looking forward to having you back in the 'hood soon! Kitty sends hugs to her three men!

  4. I enjoy canoeing, but I've always wanted to try a couple of the others, so I guess I'm not sure I can choose :)

  5. ...sarah said "pontoon"...*heh* *heh heh*

    sry but what is a pontoon...?? it sounds sort of naughty...
    * ; P

    I like rowing but I haven't tried the others.

  6. We bought a kayak this summer and I'm hoping to give it a try before it gets too cold this fall.

    I'd most like to have my husband kayaking with me. No celebrities needed.

  7. Well, dammit! I was all about the kayak until I saw the disclaimer!

    And so I choose:

    e) speed boat - none of your options provide the speed necessary for waterskiing


    f) pontoon - no speed, but essentially a mobile room ON the water? Just might be the coolest thing ever.

  8. I'm with Violet - I love some SPEED. Although I do enjoy kayaking too.

  9. I'm definitely a kayak kind of girl IF I have to actually propel the thing. Otherwise, I'm with Sarah. Something I don't have to drive so I can relax with my favorite beer.

  10. Is it wrong to say yacht? family and friends there...perfect. Rowboat is closer to reality :)

  11. Our first boat was a canoe. The second was half-ownership in an 18 ft sailboat (it was anchored just around the bend from the Kennedy Compound in Hyannisport MA)
    Our last boat was a 22 ft SeaRay. We went out almost every weekend to fish.
    We're still dreaming about the next one.

  12. can't swim! been canoeing a few times and loved it, but can't swim! been kayaking once or twice, but can't swim!

    ferry boats are more my speed.

  13. It is kayak all the way for me--and not a double either. I want my own.

    Within 5 years I am taking a kayaking trip off the San Juan Islands--the one were you kayak with the Orcas. It is on my list.

  14. Sorry - guess I'm a motorized Mama!

    Love waterskiing, wakeboarding, innertubing. For me - the faster the better - and I can only row so fast:(

  15. Kayak. As long as I am not fighting a current out to sea and as long as there is no tom.

  16. My boat of choice is whichever one is parked at the dock :-)

    But it sounds ike you all had a blast on the water.

  17. I like canoes. I'm not coordinated enough to enjoy a kayak, though, even if the adorable private investigator came with it.

  18. Kayak! The ones down the islands have drink holders, too.


Spill it, reader.