Friday, September 18, 2009

5 things

One of my first posts was 5 things I hate that other people love. In the spirit of nostalgia, I'm doing that list again:
I. just. don't. get. it.
If you offer me any kind of light/lite beer, I'll politely decline and sip tap water. I NEVER drink light beer. I only drink REAL beer--like ales, porters, stouts.

This is a two-fer--malls and shopping. Both icky. Malls get me all panicky and stressed out--too much stimulation and stale air. Too many people, too little natural light, and don't get me started on the horrible Big Box consumerism mentality. Shopping is work--driving, parking, finding what you need in the store, standing in line to pay for it. I can think of a million other ways to spend my time--the sheer effort of shopping is too much. I do not find it recreational, I find it tedious. A close study of my DNA would probably reveal more hunter and less gatherer in my genetic make up.

I despise mock turtlenecks for no reason other than I think they look stupid.

I don't enjoy talking on the phone--with very few exceptions. We do not have call waiting on our land line because I think it's rude. I do not like it when phone calls are interrupted. I have many funny phone rules.

Your turn, Reader. What do you hate that other people love?


  1. This may seem contradictory because I am a HS English teacher, but I hate to read novels/book that are considered more literary than say a Dan Brown or Sophie Kinsella novel. I love to read brain candy. I hate to have to think too hard when I read for fun. But I make my students read the classics.

    I also can't stand when people text one another in the same room

    I don't understand the attraction of Facebook....

  2. Amen on Facebook. I do not understand it! And to that I add Jimmy Buffet / Kenny Chesney (I consider them one and the same), Forrest Gump, most reality television, and golf.

  3. I'm with you on all 5 -- including shopping malls and shopping... I don't mind getting new stuff, but picking it out isn't fun.

  4. I agree with all 5 of your things.
    My 5 would be:

    - Country music. Period.
    - Discussing politics.. it's none of your business who I voted for. You should just be happy I voted.
    - Discussing religion. I believe in God and I pray. Other than that, mind your own business, and I'll mind my own.
    - Email forwards... especially hoaxes. It takes less than 5 minutes to go on and check out an email before you forward it to your entire address book.
    - I also hate talking on the phone and malls. Both of these things used to be hobbies of mine in high school and college. Now, I can't stand them!

  5. Oh mah gosh - I am so with you on the malls and shopping thing. I think I can't possibly once have been a teenager that could spend hours and hours there.

    Bluetooth - I usually mistake people for talking to themselves before I see the little thingie in their ear.

    DVR - If I don't have time to watch it now, I'm not going to watch it later - just ask my poor stack of magazines that date back to last December. (I have come to my senses and cancelled most of my subscriptions)

  6. Heyyaah!!
    Happy Friday Greens! I am totally with you on the BEER issue! *heehee!
    When I do indulge, give me a rich red, a stout so opaque you can't see through the glass, or a hearty ale! I also love supporting microbreweries...

    ::lifts glass in your honor::

  7. I hate texting, am not much of a phone talker, and am really not into any of the new "fun" technology like twitter, or facebook, or myspace, or any of that. It seems that while it is nice to communicate, technology has inundated us with too much connectivity. There's just too much of everything sometimes, I think.

  8. I don't get NASCAR at all and I even have a relative who's a very famous driver.

    You don't like to talk on the phone at all? Not even with blogger friends ... such as moi?

  9. I hate 1) Cold Play -- Chris Martin is sexy and talented--but his falcetto makes me want to jump out of my skin.
    2) Dancing With the Stars--which is hard to believe because I love reality tv, but I can't do this one!
    3) Unicorns--can't even type the word without getting the heebie jeebies
    4) Simon Baker (from the Mentalist)--I don't see it.
    5) And I'll agree with some of the others--country music. Just can't do it.

  10. I'm with you on every single one of those. Except that I don't drink beer of any kind. so does that count?

    I'm with Sarah on the books more literary than a fun read. Doesn't matter where I got my degree at. I still don't read Austen.

  11. sleeveless mock turtlenecks - I mean, WTF?

  12. I hate just takes waaaaaaaayyy too much time for me. And it's expensive! I'd rather do ANYTHING else on a gorgeous day!

  13. What a great topic!

    I'm with you on the mock turtleneck. There's a guy at Corporate Behemoth who often sports a short-sleeved (!!!) mock turtleneck with dress pants. And yes, he does have a pinky ring.

    I bet he drinks light beer while watching NASCAR.

  14. Oh I'd agree with you except for talking on the phone and mock turtle necks - I love a guy in a mock turtleneck - but you're right, maybe I'd like him better out of it ;)

  15. --Constant texting and checking Blackberries and iPhones
    --Bull fighting
    --Skinny jeans
    --Monday Night football (I saw enough on Sat. and Sun.)
    --Fox news
    And I'm with you on Nascar!
    Have a great weekend.

  16. Holy crap. I am YOU.

    I am YOU.

    Okay, I have to admit I like shopping--but only since I had kids, and family life heated up: now I shop just so I can be alone and focused in a place where nothing's expected of me. I don't even care if I buy anything. I just want to walk around with my own thoughts.

    But every damn other thing? I am YOU.

  17. Yea! I hate mock turtlenecks too. Always have, even when my mother used to buy them for me as a teen I would refuse to wear them.
    I am just finishing a book that I think you recommended the author to GRShortstop. Elizabeth Noble, The Reading Group.

  18. I'll see your mock turtleneck, and raise you a "dickey"--- if I am going to wear a layered look, it will involve more than one layer.

  19. YES to whoever said fox news. YES.

  20. I totally hear you on Nascar... what is the point other than to waste fossil fuels, pollute the environment and compare your testosterone with other "guys". It must be a guy thing because I haven't heard of any female Nascar drivers. I could go on... but I don't want to offend anyone here.

    I like that other comment about "dickey's"... yikes! No mock turtlenecks or dickeys for me!

    As for that I hate both:
    Crazy mad hostile aggressive drivers. Period. And...
    Clothes shopping for myself. While I look "normal", clothes never seem to fit me right. And what's with the green florescent lighting that makes people (meaning me, of course) look so hideous in the fitting rooms that I can't bear to buy the things I try on!

    I like top 40's music, so I'll listen to most anything except for Billy Ray Cyrus (yuck!) and Michael Bolton (double-yuck!).

    I hate those stupid celebrity "spats" and feuds. Talk about annoying! (Good for you, Taylor Swift!)

  21. In skimming the comments it appears many people share my hatred of mock turtlenecks. On my list? Crocs and Uggs. I don't care HOW "comfortable" they are!

  22. My brother did one of those on facebook and I was stunned at how alike we are...and the same here. Most of that stuff, I just don't get. Should I be embarrassed that my kids are totally illiterate when it comes to popular culture, too?

  23. I am so feeling you on this list!

    During my online dating days, I rejected many a man whose profile included prominent references to NASCAR. I know it's not true, but I can't let go of the sleeveless flannel shirt, beer guzzling, poor grammar stereotype.

    I. hate. shopping. The Murphy's Law of shopping is: If you have money you want to spend, you won't find anything you want to buy. If you need to buy a particular item, you won't find just what you're seeking. If you don't have money and go shopping anyway, you will find many, many things and get frustrated when you can't buy any of them. Ugh.

    Turtlenecks give me a headache (I'm a delicate flower) so I wear mocks but I prefer the way the real ones look. The answer is I need to move to Florida.

    I'm like my dad when it comes to the phone - sometimes I'm monosyllabic, sometimes I won't shut up. I do have call waiting but only because it comes with the service and it's rarely an issue. I do admit to getting ticked off when I call my BFF and her husband won't click over to answer...he just lets it ring and ring and ring. Feh.


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