Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Green Girl isn't going to lie to you. This last week of back-to-school madness hasn't been all champagne and roses. In fact it involved yelling and threats, reprimands and recriminations. Painful and eye-opening would better describe last week. Sure, some of the sniffling and teary eyes were hayfever and allergy related, but some of those tissues were used because going back to school is hard. Especially for soft, spoiled kids like Team Testosterone. She has no one to blame but herself, and no one to resolve this crisis but herself (and President Obama, who will speak directly to her children today and exhort them to take full advantage of their public education).

But over the past 2 years since Green Girl discovered the blogosphere, one woman has been a true friend, confidant and source of Good Information. Today she bestows on this bloggy friend The Official "You Rock" Award.

Jen on the Edge has provided Green Girl and the blogosphere at large with belly laughs, astute observations and more poignant moments involving motherhood. Who can forget the family's Star Wars Halloween? Or their grand family excursion to England? Adventures in house building, weight loss, public education, shoe shopping, big ass trees and IKEA? Jen, that's who.

Two years ago when Jen first left a comment on Green Girl's blog, she squealed with delight and immediately emailed her Real Life BFF, Sarah. They were both thrilled to say the least, as both were huge fans of Jen's. When Jen invited Green Girl to start a blog with her--through Eco Women: Protectors of the Planet the tenuous bonds of bloggy friendship were strengthened. Jen has taught Green Girl several finer points about living a greener lifestyle, like composting dryer lint, for example.

But most importantly, Jen has taught Green Girl about diet and nutrition and how to boost Mr. T's brain power without chemicals. Which brings us to last night.

A couple weeks ago Green Girl purchased a large bottle of Fish Oil tablets for Mr. T. She remembered from last year that this dietary supplement was helpful with his attention issues (Mr. T, even if he is ADD, cannot take any other medications since his seizure meds are More Important and ADD medications can't be added to the mix anyway). For two weeks Mr. T has swallowed the Fish Oil tablets and Green Girl thought her part as Good Mother was complete. And then, in a moment of emotion-fueled crisis, she began to panic. Was it Flaxseed Oil or Fish Oil? They both begin with F, they look the same and for God's sake, what if I've been giving Mr. T the wrong kind of supplement for two weeks? The label on Fish Oil says "for heart health," it says nothing about brains.

She emailed Jen. Who replied moments later, telling Green Girl that indeed it was Fish Oil. And did she desire any other dietary recommendations for Mr. T?

Well, yes! Green Girl found further information in her inbox a few moments later! Protein, it would seem, and first thing for breakfast and again for lunch. Jen provided examples from her daughter's diet and explained protein's critical role in dopamene production. Important Stuff.

Green Girl read all the labels in fridge and pantry and sent Mr. T off to school this morning with protein and Fish Oil in his belly--hopefully due to reach his brain in time for Math Hour. She's grateful to her bloggy friend. Jen on the Edge, You Rock.

Now if Green Girl can get Mr. G to wear a t-shirt and properly bandage the burn on his shoulder to reduce chafing all afternoon at Pre-K, things would really look up--but that's another post for another day.


  1. Friendships that have stood the test

    great thing to have - great thing to hold on to.

  2. Brain healthy and heart-healthy diets really do sound similar. Go Jen! You rock!

  3. Jen is all kinds of awesome. ;-)

  4. It's always great to have a special friend--in both the bloggy and real worlds.


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