Thursday, September 17, 2009

don't call the food network

With a rotation of fresh produce through my kitchen all season (berries to tomatoes to beans to pears to tomatoes again), I've battled and endured an ongoing infestation of fruit flies. I've set traps baited with apple cider vinegar. I've kept the garbage out of the house and the countertops vigilantly wiped clean. I've put all the fresh produce in the fridge, microwave or oven to keep it from luring more fruit flies. They're sneaky little bugs--hovering around the kitchen sink, resting next to the coffee maker, breeding like rabbits in the garbage.

The best defense is a good offense, so I've kept the entire kitchen food free except when cooking. And it's finally working. After 7 weeks, I have gained the upper hand in the battle and saw NO trace of the pesky insects. Even so, I don't trust this victory and I've cautiously kept bananas out of the house until this week. Bananas keep muscles from cramping, so I bought a bunch to help me through black belt candidate training. I set them in the oven, mentally patting myself on the back for keeping a step ahead of the enemy and then chuckled, imagining myself preheating the oven and forgetting I'd put them there. Heh.

Yesterday Mr. T had buddies coming over after school and I prepped spaghetti for supper and thought some cookie bars might be a nice after school snack for a gang of five hungry boys. I pulled a trusted recipe out of the cupboard, switched on the oven and started mixing ingredients.

You know where this is headed.

I pulled some clothes off the clothesline and watered the geraniums on the front porch while I waited for the oven to get hot. When I walked back inside, the smell of baking banana bread assaulted me. Mmm...that smells good. Wait a minute. Banana bread? But I'm baking cookie bars...


Sure enough. Inside the oven on the center rack were 4 bananas, plump and browning in the 350 degree heat. I pulled them out and considered them for a moment. Sometimes really great things come from mistakes--like cheese, wine, chocolate. Perhaps I was on the cusp of a brilliant culinary discovery. Had anyone baked a whole banana before? Maybe I'm the first!

I pried the peel back on one and took a bite.

Nope. Mushy and bitter. Baked bananas are NOT an undiscovered delicacy.

But the cookie bars turned out okay.


  1. That sounds like about the way it goes! Hmmm, the cookie bars sound YUMmy! Lucky Mr. T and Co.!

  2. Oh no! At least the cookie bars were unharmed.

    I've been battling fruit flies around here too. They are driving me nuts and I'm annoyed with having to take the trash out constantly.


  3. Really.. you tried one...Really...

    I would have just thrown them away.

  4. tee hee. :) Sorry you baked the bananas - but it made for a funny story. :D

  5. Oh! This had me laughing. (Yes, I could see where it was headed.)

    I'm sure Giada DiLaurentis has done that once or twice, right?


    - Julia

  6. We have had a terrible problem with fruit flies. I have tried to keep food out of the kitchen and it just isn't working. I think one got in my lunch box an dwent to work with me.

    I'll have to try the traps.

  7. Did it once with a loaf of bread. Much like your bananas, it did NOT result in a new dish!

  8. And during the holidays I simmer glog on the stove for the aroma to permeate the house - looks like there's another way.

  9. funny post! glad i found you! i'm a wisconsin girl / mama myself! i will def be back. thanks for the oven tip on the bananas! and thanks for the laughs. :)

  10. Is it time for banana bread? Or is it too late?

  11. I am the lamest commenter ever tonight, as, well, again the gist of my thoughts is that we live the same life. Except I didn't do that to bananas.

    But the fruit fly thing? OH, YEA. We use empty peanut butter jars with coffee filters rubber banded over the top and bananas inside as bait.

  12. My husband has the worst habit of putting things in the oven--pans to "soak" particularly annoy me. I turn on the oven to preheat and the smell is atrocious.


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