Monday, September 14, 2009

everything hurts

But instead of complaining about how my entire body feels like a bruise or how I'd like to drop kick a few whiny kids out of candidate training because I'm tired of being punished for their bad attitudes and lack of preparation (don't even get me started on the kid who began lecturing me on my choice of bad language when I suggested our group's motto should be "suck it up"--seriously, you think "suck" is a bad word, kid? Because you were doing something out there that rhymed with "suck it up" and it meant I had to do an extra 2 minutes of push ups. Blow it out your--wait, is "blow" a bad word, too?), I'll post a Grace in Small Things ala Ree (and many other bloggers).

* The racket of crickets in the field--I love that sound lulling me to sleep.
* Eating sweet ripe pears that we grew.
* A dear friend's bridal shower where I laughed, ate and drank in good company.
* Last minute winning touchdowns. (Go Pack Go!)
* Learning to play Plants vs. Zombies with Team Testosterone's encouraging advice (Get the Double Pea-Shooter, Mom, it'll demolish the zombie with the newspaper).

What's making your grace list today, reader?


  1. If that whiny kid is offended by "suck it up," I'm thinking his ears would catch fire if he ever heard me speak.

    My Grace list for today:
    1. Beautiful fall weather.
    2. A terrific, energetic walk before going to work.
    3. Watching my 9 y.o. admire her new jewelry on the way to school this morning. (Rainbow-colored, glitter-encrusted stacking bracelets ARE fabulous!)
    4. Yummy leftovers for lunch.
    5. A stack of books to dive into this evening when I have time.

  2. Way to see the good. And YAY Pack! :)
    I think I would have drop kicked the kid myself. ;)

  3. I got to sleep in this morning :-)
    Keep up the good work!!!

  4. Good luck with you black belt "testing"..maybe the kid didn't know what "suck it up" ment!
    I had a wonderful bike ride in this beautiful weather and that is my grace thing for the day!!

  5. OHhhhhhhhhhhh I am sooo there with you. Everything hurts today - even my hair.

    Grace for today:

    1) Midol
    2) Ibuprofen
    3) ... wait what am I saying...? I'm going to try not to whine and quit being such a wimp
    4) Zipfizz (energy drink)
    5) Monster energy drink
    6) . . .wait what am I saying...?

  6. Suck hasn't been a bad word since high school english class. But I have a feeling it soon will be around my niece and nephew :)

    1. Beautiful fall days in Wisconsin.
    2. Getting to plan to take my niece and nephew to the fair this weekend.
    3. OTH premiering tonight.
    4. Good conversations.
    5. People who love me.
    6. Quiet time.

  7. I got to the end of the school day today without feeling on the verge of exhaustion. I actually exercised and did 3 loads of laundry. Yay!

  8. Sometimes it's the only thing that gets me ready for the next week. Or gets me over the previous one. ;-)

    BTW, 2 minutes of pushups? I'd be dead.

  9. When did suck get moved to the bad word list? If that's a bad word, I've got a lot of cleaning up to do before my little guy really starts talking. Yikes!

    And I think you should totally drop kick him for that.


  10. You had me at pears that we grew. Really? Wow.

  11. Plants vs Zombies looks excellent!

    Hmmm. My grace list for today.

    -The baby slept for almost 10 hours straight last night. Crazy long for a 3 month old.

    -When he did get up I was already awake.

    -When I got tired again my husband took over and let me sleep in until 9:30.

    That's it but considering I've been awake for three minutes I'll take it.


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