Wednesday, September 2, 2009

fungi & flora

Time for a nature walk, readers. What will we find on Green Girl's property today?

What's this? It's as big as Green Girl's head! (And that's saying something, folks.) Is it a dinosaur egg? No, it's a mushroom. There are all kinds of different fungi growing around here. Let's take a closer look...

Yep, that's one HUGE 'shroom. According to her field guide, this is a Puffball and it is edible.

This one looks like a donut or something. Green Girl assures you it's probably edible, but she's not willing to take her chances with wild mushrooms.

This looks like a classic fairytale mushroom--tall stem, wide top.
Green Girl loves these fringed tops.

The middle one looks almost like a blown-out umbrella. These might be the coveted Chanterelle Mushroom, but their stems look too skinny.
A bumblebee exploring in a stalk of goldenrod...

Another fun fact: the center flower of every Queen Anne's Lace is a deep maroon or burgundy. Their sharp aroma reminds Green Girl of carrots--the field guide says they're actually edible wild carrots.

Sunflowers! Which reminds Green Girl to see how the potager is doing.
Not bad for getting planted in mid-June. Like all gardeners, Green Girl is an optimist. Next year's garden will be even better!


  1. so you do you ever eat the mushrooms?

  2. and i didn't mean like for hallucinatory purposes either.....

  3. ~ whoa! ~ you have a whole, like, living mycological museum at your place! Neat-o!
    And that is a cool fact about Queen Annes Lace...I'm going to start looking for that center flower when I see one...

  4. I so enjoyed the nature walk! Those mushrooms are incredible.

  5. Sweeet. (That's all I have to say about that. I wish I were outdoors looking for mushrooms right now and not in my little poo-hole of an office.)

  6. So does Queen Anne's Lace have edible roots like carrots?

    Your potager looks wonderful!

  7. Wowza!!!!!!!! That's one serious 'shroom!!! And your sunflowers are GOR.G.E.OUS!!!!

  8. That is a huge mushroom!

    I love chanterelles. My friend and I used to pick grocery bags full of them in the woods for our parents. I saw them at a supermarket when I lived in California and they were about $40 a pound. I'm thinking I have eaten my college tuition in chanterelle mushrooms over the years.

  9. Don't we all love a Fun Guy?

    Huck-huck :)

  10. Gardening is like baking. This batch is good, but I'll really know what I'm doing for the next batch. Agreed.

  11. Excellent garden. Your nature walk pix are great. I am also always fascinated by the cool mushrooms we get around here.

  12. I'm so jealous! My adventures in gardening have not been quite as nice - and definitely no fancy mushroom in my yard. Darn!

  13. Impressive fungi. I'm thinking of some new raised beds next year. We ALWAYS think in terms of NEXT year!

  14. My uncle Pat is a mushroom hunter here. Some of them are SO DELICIOUS!


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