Tuesday, September 15, 2009

halfway to a thousand

This is my 500th post, according to my Blogger Dashboard. I'm quite stunned, frankly. I had no idea I've managed to spew out 500 posts since my discreet entry into the Blogworld on November 5, 2007.
Five hundred posts--some drivel, some inspirational, some controversial (I'm still getting comments on the obituary post from a month ago!), some purging, some cleansing.
Time has passed, as evidenced by all 3 children now attending school for at least part of the day. As evidenced by Mr. T's sudden interest in daily showers, Mr. B's ability to sight read a few words and Mr. G learning karate. I write here and over at Eco Women and Screw Iowa (currently undergoing new construction with some shovel ready stimulus dollars).
There are many more readers and commentors around here since my 1st post. I'm reading many more blogs, too. And over the course of time there are a few blogs I've stopped reading. I'm more entrenched in the Blogosphere than I was in 2007 and I still enjoy the company I've found here very much.
A number like 500 makes a girl reflect on what's happened so far and what's to come. I write this blog for the same reason as I did 2 years ago: to make new friends. Spill it, reader. What change do you want here and what should stay the same?

For example, should we have more high-caliber literary discussions about the genius of Jane Austin?

Nature walks and ecological discourse?

Adorable photos of Team Testosterone?

I'm sorry, did you ask for more Jane Austin?
While you ponder these deep questions, I'll leave you with this:


  1. Happy 500th!

    To indulge your Austin fettish...you are really going to have to visit Bath...and us!!


  2. I just like reading about the observations of your everyday stuff..Makes me realize, from all your readers comments, that our lives may be far apart in space or miles. But, our lives are not so different.
    I love the sarcasm!
    Congrats on the 500th! Oh how time flies!

  3. Congrats and here's to another 500! I don't think there's anything I would want more or less of in your blog - I love it all.

  4. Happy 500! Even though I'm not great at commenting, I'm always here reading and I'm so glad I found you in the blogisphere! :) Here's to another 500!

  5. You started over a year after me and have posted more than me. Wow. I need to rethink my blog.

  6. Keep it all coming! Except maybe that montage...those puppets creep me out a little. :{

    Congrats on the 500th!

  7. I think you need a Montage.

    Or, Jane Austin and Seth Graham in Pride and Prejudice and Zombies

    A little classical with a little strangeness.


  8. Congrats on your 500th post! I started blogging about a month before you (Oct 07).

    I enjoy the Team Testosterone stories, because I have a 2-man testosterone team of my own.

    I also love the nature pictures.

  9. Whatever you choose, I will stop by. I always enjoy your blog!

  10. Happy 500th!

    I like your blog exactly as it is -- that's why I keep coming back (and not just because of our friendship). :-)

  11. Oh, congratulations! Those big numbers are somehow inspiring, aren't they? ;-)

    So glad we found each other.

  12. I don't know about high-caliber literary discussion, but you could always post more pictures of Mr. D'Arcy. :) Congratulations on your 500th post. I must have missed your controversial obituary post. I'll have to look it up.

  13. FIVE HUNDRED! AWE-SOME! Congratulations. That's huge. And I have about 400 to catch up on :-)

  14. Mr. Darcy!!!! I PINE!!! You have no idea!! You should set up a whole other blog and we can talk about him ALL the time! He's so "clasp my hand together and flutter my eye lashes" WONDERFUL!!
    I say-MORE HIM, more pics of ur crazy amazing landscape, and more of the cute little cookies u call sons! ...Did I mention MORE Darcy?!

  15. Congratulations! You always find time for us as well as balancing your "real" life.

    Thanks for sticking around so I could find your blog!

  16. Congratulations! Don't change a thing it's all perfect!

  17. I'm getting caught up on the blogs I missed reading while on vacation.

    Now I want a montage!

    I like the variety of stuff: some photos, opinions, cute guys from Jane Austin films, controversy, humor, etc. =)

  18. Like it just as it is. Congrats on your accomplishment.

  19. I love it for you!!!! Everything is wonderful...right down to your rubber green boots and geraniums!!

  20. Wow, congrats on 500! I'm always up for more Austen discussions... I'll take Colin Firth or the other guy from the most recent "Pride and Prejudice." Yum.

    But cute kid pix are always a winner too!

  21. Perhaps more of the same is what's called for--- the first 500 have worked out rather well.


Spill it, reader.