Tuesday, September 22, 2009

le sigh, le Jane Austen

Beware: shameless swooning over muttonchops and knee breeches to follow.

This weekend I treated myself to a movie rental since Mr. D was out of town--I grabbed Becoming Jane, 2 years after its release in keeping with my cutting edge trendiness.

Anne Hathaway is charming, the sort of gal you could imagine being pals with, so I was willing to watch her as Jane Austen. For those of you who missed this film, it's about Jane Austen's romance with a young Irishman while she's getting her writing career started. It parallels her novel Pride and Prejudice and is based on historical facts, accurately portraying her family life and her brief romance with Thomas Lefroy, supposedly the inspiration for all her books' happy endings.

The film opened with prerequisite shots of lush English countryside and I noted the movie's stars. James McAvoy, James Cromwell, Maggie Smith--all good. Wait a minute! Wasn't James McAvoy the half-horse dude from Narnia? Well, perhaps he played one of Jane's brothers.

Whatever, half-horse dude.
I got swept away in the prettiness that accompanies the Regency Period and then James McAvoy entered the scene...as Tom Lefroy. Yep, the Narnian faun cast as the romantic lead.

Oh my! I retract my earlier sentiment and beg your forgiveness, good sir.

Did he pull it off? Was he sufficiently swoon-worthy? I watched him mock her, challenge her, gaze at her with desperate longing in the midst of a ballroom scene. Ah, those ballroom scenes--what is it about those scenes? Full of propriety and anticipation, a single glance or touch. The sheer romance and passion had me sitting upright, ignoring my aching muscles, craving the moment when they'd declare their love for one another and finally kiss.

I was hooked. I watched through the bittersweet ending with tears on my cheeks and believed in James McCavoy as a leading man. I felt all the desire of his eyes, yearned to run my fingers through his thick hair and sweep my fingertips across his mutton chops. But don't take my word on it. You be the judge:


  1. Like you, I love all things Jane Austin including this movie. Have you read any of the new books based on Jane Austin's character's? I read the book based on Lydia this summer. It was a pretty good read and that George Wickham was a creep:)

  2. You know I share this little, um, "issue" with you...and I've never thought to watch that movie. NUM.

    Hey, I was really hoping you'd be my crazy-shoes-have-taken-over-our-house buddy and that you'd be all, "We have that many, too!"


  3. I loved, loved, loved Becoming Jane! Cried like a baby at the end. And yes, Mr. McAvoy is definitely swoon worthy. (The scene in the woods when he kisses her and asks her to run away with him. Oh my... I may have to look that up on YouTube now...) Glad to know there's someone else out there that loved it too.

  4. Okay, fine. I'll rent it. It sounds worthy. But I may have to wait until my hormones stabalize a little bit. I do enough crying already. ;)

  5. Well now I'll have to add it to my movie rental by mail list. Of course that means I will watch it in about 12 months based on the length of my movie list ... see you aren't the only one who is up-to-date on movies!

  6. Well, really, a little bit of sighing is called for in the midst of all that black belt discipline.

  7. Ha...I got caught up watching the clips and was nearly late to pick up my kid.

    I'd say minus the hippopotamus ears, he's fairly agreeable. :)

  8. Looks like another 'Girls Night' movie for me for when my hubby goes to dirtbike practice. :)

    Also - TAG - I left you an award on my blog. :)

  9. Ooh. I want to watch this.
    My husband should seriously go on a business trip. And take the boys with him, so I can watch it in peace.

  10. Thanks for popping by my blog again. =)

    What a nice break from life... watching that. And yes, James McAvoy is totally believable as both a faun (weirdly sexy?) and the love interest. But then I'm weird.

  11. LOVED that movie!! ...or do I just love Jane Austen?!...the chicken or the egg is an easier question! :)
    And- I LOVED him in it!! Tho-He's a little short-but I could be the only one with a concern about that. :)

    Have u seen 'Atonement'?! It's by the 'Pride and Prejudice' Director and stars Keira Knightly and James McEvoy-so-combo movie! :) It's not a Jane Austen book, but looks like one with a little more "raciness(sp?!)" to it. I want to see it!! Thought about renting it last night.

  12. I'll be adding that one to my que at Netflix.

  13. Ahhh, James is a dear! Those eyes, be still my heart.
    Bawled like a baby the first time I saw the movie, and the second and the third time too. I guess I was just hoping for an ending where Jane fianlly got her happy ending. Maybe I'll have to see it a fourth time.

  14. That half-horse dude creeps me out. A lot.

  15. I will have to delve into my sister's DVD collection soon, and re-watch the Jane Austens, and watch "Becoming Jane". Ahh, those long winter nights to come, just me and my DVD under a blankie....!

  16. Oooh. I haven't seen this one yet. I too am a Jane Austen freak.


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