Saturday, September 12, 2009

prepare the buckets

I didn't blanch at last night's 2 mile run. In fact, I finished fourth which is more a testament to my endurance than to my speed (anyone who knows me will vouch for the veracity of this statement).

I was positively jubilant when Mrs. H announced that the Bully of my Belt Rank is NOT a black belt candidate! And another candidate was also kicked off the team--so we were down 2 students before we even ran. The fact that the Bully isn't testing meant I got paired with J, a man both bigger and older than I, but we've been together since white belt so I trust him and despite the size disparity, we'll partner well for the next 2 months. I'm very relieved by this because if I'd been paired with the Bully, well, I'm pretty positive I'd end up at the doctor's office with a broken bone. Seriously.

We came back inside after running for 40 minutes.

I didn't think anything when assigned my permanent spot on the floor.

Then I noticed they had locked the doors and removed the clocks.

Disconcerting? Yes.

And then Mrs. H told Mr. O, "Get the buckets."

You see, I'd always thought the whole bucket thing was a rumor--surely no one worked out so hard that they puked.

Color me wrong. And pale. (No, I didn't puke--but knowing it happens so frequently that they set out buckets in advance chilled my blood.)

Two hours of strenuous training, interrupted by disciplinary push ups and sit ups and cardio when the younger kids testing messed up--which was often.

I totally understand their need to be harsh. The demand for perfection and knowledge. I didn't cry, complain, roll my eyes or quit. I did think, If I had gone through this before Mr. T, there's no way I'd have let him test. No way I'd let him endure this.

Punishing indeed.

Rehydrating and trying to get the cramps out of my calves before 1:30 this afternoon.


  1. You go girl! You WILL do this with a smile on your face!

  2. You ROCK! I think you've got the right stuff.

    Did I tell you my son is testing for his 2nd black in Jan?

  3. OK. That is incredible and you are totally inspiring me. You are my hero.

  4. Holy moly, that's intense.

    I *know* you can do this! You are the Green Girl in Wisconsin and you are AMAZING!

  5. Good luck with the training. It feels good to push yourself!

  6. WOW - that sounds scarier than a lot of vampire books I've read.

    Hang tough.

  7. WOW!!! I admire your guts!
    As soon as you said you RAN for 40 minutes I thought I'd prefer a little black dress over a black belt, but then I'm a total wimp.
    YOU on the other hand totally ROCK!!!! Keep up the good work.

  8. um....this does not sound fun....

  9. Wow! That is hardcore! I am seriously impressed.

  10. You've got what it takes...brains, brawn and HEART!

  11. Go get the buckets. Positivley awful sounding, no?

  12. Oh man! That is so cool. Well, maybe not the buckets part. I am so impressred by your ability to go through this extreme test. Way to go!

  13. So, I want to make you cookies to help you feel better about all this, but I don't want to mess up the training or make you use the buckets. So know that the Farmer Fam is cheering you on!!!


  14. Wow - I had NO idea what all was involved in getting a Black Belt! I'll call you the next time I'm alone in a dak alley!

  15. ..oh my gawwdd..!! pre-vom buckets..?? scary!


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