Friday, September 11, 2009

prepare for awesomeness

Tonight it begins.

The culmination of 3 years of training.

Three years of sweat, bruises and cramped muscles.

Starting tonight I'll endure the first candidate training session which will push my mental, emotional and physical capacity to the limit. Mr. O will scream at me. Mrs. H will give me her death look. There will be push ups. And wind sprints. Kicking. And mitt work.

And after I've wolloped a body shield with everything I've got, my instructor will scream in my ear: Again! Harder! Again!

I'll have to dig deep and leave everything on the floor every Friday and Saturday until November 7th.

Am I terrified? Hell, yes.

Am I excited? Sort of.

I've packed my gear bag with more nervousness and attention to detail than when I packed my hospital bag during my first pregnancy. Inhaler? Check. Water bottle? Check. Running shoes? Check. Sparring gear? Check. Training manual? Check.

I'm going to watch a kung fu movie and do 40 minutes of yoga this afternoon to finish preparing.

Legend tells of a legendary karate student whose karate skills were the stuff of legend.

I'm no Dragon Warrior. I'm a no Crouching Tiger. But November 7th I'll be a Black Belt.


  1. You are the Eco Warrior! Best of Luck!

  2. Thinking about how far you’ve come in three years will push you through the next two months!

  3. Wow! I'm catching up on several days of your posts - I can't believe I've fallen this far behind! eeeek!

    First of all - woo hoo on the Black Belt test!! That is so encouraging, inspiring and awesome! Inspiring enough for me to become a black belt - ummm....To Be Determined. ;)

    Very good blessings post - I should do those more often.

    Fish oil - I've heard nothing but good things about it, in fact I think I have a bottle of them in my cupboard - do I take them, no? I also bought my girls Omega-3 Gummie Vites (read: squishy fish oil gummy bears) - they did not like them one bit.

    Beautiful pictures of morning dew.

    Oh yeah - Holy Pears!!! I'm so glad that your pear bread turned out yummy so that you could use those puppies up! :)

    Phew - I think my comment qualifies as a post, don't you? :)

  4. OMG - You kick - literally.

    I am sooo proud of you. 3 years of work. I don't think I could do that. I love sports but now and then. You've had a 3 year commitment. You rock!!!

  5. OK, I am impressed! Black belts are not just a sign of reaching the pinnacle of your sport, they are also rather slimming! Congrats.
    Your Pal,

  6. YES You will! I'll be thinking of you!

  7. Girl, you will rock it!!

    Can't wait for the celebratory post in November.

  8. AWE-SOME!!!!!! I'm cheering you on!

  9. Dude-ess, you KICK it. When I hear my son's martial arts instructor talk about the black belt test, I cower and wince and have to go drink some Gatorade.

  10. omg! the green girl gets a black belt, that's awesome. just remember, life doesn't end afterwards. it's only a marker. enjoy the journey. you're never going to feel more alive than you do now.

  11. WHOA. excellent! (karate?)
    i have a brown belt in jujitsu. but i have not trained in years and years.


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