Tuesday, September 29, 2009

seasonal angst

Fall came bearing down on us Sunday night like a conservative tea party--complete with the screaming wind and petulant harangue of cold nastiness. Suddenly I am caught between my cozy couch with a stack of inside work and a vast list of outdoor chores. If I wait, it might get colder and more miserable out there, making the easiest jobs impossible with frozen fingers and strong winds. If I hunker down and do the outdoor work now, it could become warm and balmy in another two weeks, making window washing and garden harvesting infinitely more tolerable. I despise fall--changing leaves and apple cider aside, it means winter is around the corner.

Every weekend in October is slated for something and I'm forced to make tough decisions about What Will Get Finished and What Will Have to Wait Until Goodness Knows When.

Meanwhile, the boys have school pictures tomorrow and they need haircuts, we have a hundred mosquitoes breeding in our bathroom, Mr. B is insisting on a birthday party at home complete with time-sucking crafty decorations and games, and candidate training is taking ALL of my spare time and making my hips ache. Or maybe it's the changing weather making my joints hurt.


  1. Your image of fall sweeping in cracks me up.
    Your mosquitoes should meet my fruit flies. What a party!

  2. Mosquitos in the bathroom? Interesting.

    I got Mother in the Middle in the mail yesterday. It looks like a quick read. I'll get it to you ASAP.

    Can I pick up a muffin tin tonight? Let me know. :)

  3. Nasty weather like a tea party--hee hee. And tea parties used to have good associations. Why can't they call themselves the Tupperware Partiers?

  4. I love this time of day, cold weather included.

    I went out to the garden this afternoon and brought in buckets and buckets of basil. Our nighttime lows are in the 40s now, so no more fresh basil for me.

  5. While I love fall colors, pumpkins, pumpkin pie, pumpkin bars, apple cider, apples, etc... I HATE how chilly it's getting already! And I'm not looking forward to another Wisconsin winter!

  6. There were people in the elevator today when I was leaving with COATS on. Not fall jackets, mind you. COATS.

    What are they going to look like in January?

  7. I despise fall, too - I don't care that the humidity is gone (the only thing about summer I don't LOVE), I don't care that the leaves are turning pretty colors. Fall means that my fingers and toes will be cold from now 'til May and that makes me perpetually grumpy.

    Maybe I'll be happy when it's cold enough to kill the blasted corn aphids. In the late afternoon and early evening, it's impossible to walk outside and breathe at the same time. Nah, I won't be happy...just grumbling about the snow instead of the aphids.

  8. Tough Decisions, and Nasty Weather are enough to get anyone in a nasty mood. Especially the Tough decisions. Too bad we can't add more hours to the day and have the energy to fill them.
    Now, go kick a pumpkin, get that energy out and you'll feel much better. Although you may end up with gooey shoes. On second thought curl up in a warm blanket and think happy thoughts. Spring will be here before you know it.

  9. It's so funny experiencing the change of weather now, after reading about it for the past few years on blogs! Visits to cold climes are never long enough for you to notice the mornings growing darker, the nights getting chillier.

    This morning WAS darker, and our incessant sun and coastal fresh air are missing: There are low clouds and a "funny smell" in the air, according to my kids. English smog!


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